The Best Occasions To Get A Tan For

Let’s face it, most of us would love to a bronze like tan all year round but unfortunately unless you live in an exotic location then that might be a bit tricky and so most of us here in the UK have to resort to faking it. There is a huge demand for fake tan products and sunbeds throughout the UK but what are the best occasions for us to be looking at our tantastic best? Here are a few that top my list.

Formal Dinners

I’m sure most of us have had a formal dinner to go to at least once whether it was for school, work or perhaps an awards do of some kind. These are the perfect occasions to really push the boat out, you’ve got your new dress, shoes and your hair done so it’s only logical that you gone the whole hog and get a top tan too. For a formal dinner I would recommend getting a spray tan as it is a one off evening and you’ll probably be back to reality within the next couple of days.


You may be thinking that surely you go on your holidays to get a tan and of course that’s true but you also want to look good when you get there and be comfortable in your bikini and summer wear so it’s good to get a head start before you go. You don’t want to be going on holiday with fake tan on as that will only block the sun and prevent you from getting a natural tan but it’s a good idea to visit the sunbeds a couple of times before you go to get a nice start to your tan and this will also get your skin used to the heat so that you can actually tan on holiday and not just burn. Spending all night applying after sun is never fun on holidays.


Of course weddings are huge occasions and once again you’ll want to be looking your best so having a nice tan is a must. You need to be careful though especially if you’re the bride as you don’t want to overdo it, remember that you’ll be wearing white so your tan is going to stand out. Once again I would recommend visiting the sunbeds in the run up to the wedding which will eliminate the chance of overdoing it with a rub on or spray tan, after all when it comes to your big day you will want to make sure everything is perfect and that includes your tan.

First Dates

First dates can be extremely nerve racking and whether you like it or not it’s when your date will judge your appearance the most so let them see you at you radiant best with a healthy looking tan. Once they have been impressed by your tan then the path is clear for you to wow them with your personality. Applying a fake tan the night before a first date is a good idea to best prepare you for knocking him dead.
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