Avoiding Drinking And Driving: Valentine’s Day Is For Wine Lovers

Avoiding Drinking And Driving: Valentine's Day Is For Wine Lovers

Do wine lovers have any other holiday where they can make the most out of their passion for wine and for each other?  Perhaps—oenophiles can find any occasion or holiday to drink their favorite vintages.  But Valentine’s Day really presents an opportunity for special ways to share the riches of the vine with each other.  Few things are as romantic as good wine, good food and the company of a special someone.

It may be that only one of you is a wine drinker.  As long as the other isn’t allergic or has other reasons for not drinking wine, you can still satisfy your penchant while simultaneously creating a memorable, intimate and romantic experience that is enjoyable for the both of you.

This Valentines Day…

Are you still looking for a Valentine’s Day present for your significant other?  If one or both of you are wine enthusiasts, here are some great gift ideas.

Wine Clubs

Can’t settle on one specific special bottle to give to your sweetheart?  There are several wine clubs out there where an online subscription will get you a monthly shipment or coupon for a different wine.  This is a fun, long lasting gift that you will both appreciate and will let you sample a wide range of varieties.  This Forbes article shows you how to select the right one.  First, find out if your state has any regulations complicating the delivery of wine to your home.

Wine Accessories

A new set of glasses, an aerator, wine charms, corks, decanters—all of these are great gift ideas and easy to find, in case you’re shopping last minute.  As you and your partner become more intimate, you can find ones that match his or her taste, style or personal likes.  Monogrammed glasses or wine charms based off of favorite sports teams are always fun Valentine’s Day gifts.

Custom Label/Bottle

 Here is a wonderful way to commemorate your bond and your love for wine.  Create a custom label that expresses who you are as a couple.  Then, take inventory of both your own tastes and preferences, and those of your significant other.  Research which wine makers can make and deliver a custom pressing.  You can order a whole case to enjoy at other milestones and special occasions besides Valentine’s Day.

Plan A Pairing Experience

You could turn to experts to plan wine pairing – there are many restaurants, wine retailers and vintners who offer that experience or can accommodate a special occasion.  But why not add an even more special touch by planning it and preparing it yourself for an intimate home evening?  This is your chance to impress and show off your deep knowledge and love for wine and food.  He or she will appreciate your work and attention to detail.  Remember that pairings can go with different courses in a meal.  You may want to prepare a steak/wine pairing to enjoy.  Or else, research and prepare a wine and chocolate tasting of your own: it is Valentine’s Day after all!

Alex is a writer at Colley & Colley L.L.P., a personal injury law firm located in Austin, Texas.  He urgers readers to be careful when drinking wine and driving with their lover this valentines day.