Top 10 Islands To Get Married On

While it is wonderful to get married in paradise, I would like to be a Debbie downer before I start to bring up the paperwork aspect. Depending on what island you are on, there are different rules for marriage licenses. It is important that way before you plan and schedule the wedding to make sure you know all the rules of the island to avoid turning your wedding day into a future headache once you need to sort out the marriage license aspect. Now… onto paradise!

Wilson Island, Australia

This miniature island is located on the Great Barrier Reef that holds just six luxury tents. Each tent is complete with raised timber floors and a comfortable king sized bed that overlooks the white sandy beach and beautifully blue sea. It is perfect for outdoorsy types who want a back to nature wedding with a small audience. If gourmet picnics on the beach, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and lounging on a hammock on the beach sounds like the ideal wedding and honeymoon to you, then this secluded island is perfect for your wedding.

Palm Island, Grenadines

For a slightly larger wedding with lodging with more amenities, check out the miniature the private Palm Island that is only .5 square kilometers. The resort on this island sleeps 40 people who are accommodated in lofts that sit on stilts just 1.5 meters off the water. Open the large wooden door in your high ceilinged bedroom to see the ocean and allow the sea breeze in. Have a fine dining experience, table cloth and all, right next to the sea. There is also easy access to adventurous activities or daytrips to the spa.

Maui, Hawaii

This is by far the best island to get married on in Hawaii, because it offers the perfect combination of an exclusive location and good weather. On the bigger islands it is more of a challenge to get the privacy and intimacy desired on that special day. On the smaller islands it rains a lot. Here you get the best of both worlds. Luckily, if you want to explore more on different islands during your honey moon, it is just a puddle jump away.


For bride and grooms interested in history as well as paradise, this island offer 365s different beaches and historic sites. One of the more mysterious historic sites, that even non-history buffs can appreciate, are mysterious six hundred foot high rock formation created by an ancient people for unknown reasons. Foodies can also have a great time exploring the food scene off of the resort to try traditional West Indian dish.


Perfect for enviro-friendly and adventurous brides and grooms who want to support an economy that has been a pioneer for preservation of nature in the Caribbean. The island’s efforts to preserve the marine environment make for some of the best scuba diving in the Caribbean.
You can also kayak through pristine mangrove systems. For hikers there is the 13,500 acre Washington-Slagbaai National Park National Park where you can explore all of Antigua’s different systems from mud-salty flats to tall rocky formations along with the diverse critters that live in these areas.


A mix of tropical landscape with Dutch architecture brings a bit of European charm to your island wedding. You can find elements of Dutch, Spanish, West Indian, African and Latin all on one island. The location is perfect for those who love a diverse cultural experience while on vacation. There are many different venues here that offer wedding on and off the water. We recommend trying to get a local to cater your wedding with authentic and delicious Curacao cuisine.

Formentera, Spain

If you want to embrace your inner hippie on your wedding day, look no further than Formentera. This island is known for its laid back attitude, crystal clear water and unpaved dirt roads. Check out the self-catering chalet options available option for a way to make your wedding in paradise just a tiny bit more affordable. One catch is the island has no airport, so you will need to explain everyone they will need to either ferry or swim over to the island.

Fiji Islands

Fiji truly specializes in wedding. So whether you want barefoot on the beach, in a church or in a glamorous hotel, Fiji has got you covered. Drink Kava (a potent local liquor), trek jungles, scuba dive, volunteer, sand board and explore the historic sites.
You could come to Fiji for every single vacation you take and never run out of things to explore. Thanks to recent local political upheaval Fiji isn’t as popular destination as it once was, but the political upheaval has passed yet many tourists haven’t returned. The people of Fiji will happy to see you and your tourist dollars to help support their economy.

Dominican Republic

To be fair, this country is just part of an entire island, but it is probably the best place in the world for anyone to get married. The country offers a plethora of venues that accommodate most wedding budgets and all sizes of crowds. The people welcome you with a pleasant, “This is your home!” from to moment you step off the plane. It offers more to see than you could ever get to in one trip, and you can easily trek from the Atlantic Ocean in the north Caribbean Sea in south in just one day.

Santorini, Greece

Want to get married on a volcano? How about a winery? Or on a ship? What about a traditional Greek wedding that include donkey AND musicians (among other things). The only problem with having your wedding in Santorini is between the atmosphere, food and wine, you will never want to leave.

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