Tips to Speed Up Your Office’s Internet Connection

If your business relies on the Internet for productivity, you probably understand the important of making sure that Internet is fast. Everyone has experienced a day at the office when the Internet is slow, and it is bad for everybody involved.
Fast Internet is absolutely vital to running a business. Upgrading your Internet to a quality provider like Megapath will no doubt improve your Internet speed and increase productivity at your company, but you should also take more steps than just that. Check out these ways that you can improve the Internet speed at your company, and reduce the number of headaches by your employees dramatically.
Upgrade Your Connection
Upgrading your Internet connection is probably the best way to get more bandwidth and make the Internet in your office run faster. A reliable Ethernet connection can be the difference between a productive office and an office full of headaches. In many cases, an Ethernet connection can be faster and deliver more bandwidth than the T1 services, and they are much cheaper too.
If you have remote workers and multiple locations, upgrade your Internet connection will no doubt be the easiest way to improve your Internet connections. And with multiple bandwidth options, there’ll no doubt be a package that’s right for your company.
Optimize the Computers
You may not even realize it, but it may not be the Internet that’s causing the slow problems; it may be your computers. If you have computers in your office that are more than a few years old, it could be the computers causing the slowdown, and not the Internet at all. In most cases, you won’t need to buy your office a slew of new computers, as simple fixes may cause the problem.
Have your IT technician go through all of your company’s computers to remove any unneeded software and browser extensions. Browser toolbars and add-ons will likely slow down the Internet browsing speeds, and removing them might solve most of the Internet problems. Even ask your IT technician if he or she believes that switching browsers entirely might solve the issue, as it might in some cases. Cleaning up the office computers will definitely help solve some, if not all, of the Internet speed issues.
Secure Your Networks
It’s possible that one of the reasons the Internet in your office isn’t working as fast as you’d like it to be is because it isn’t secured, and unwanted devices are accessing the Internet. Secure your networks to make sure only authorized devices are using the Internet. You might experience slower company wide Internet if your employees are connecting to that Internet with their smartphones; secure the networks to make sure this isn’t happening.
Of course, if your network is already secure, there might be other issues as to why the Internet isn’t working as fast as you’d like it to be. Consult with your network technician to figure out what’s wrong if the above steps aren’t working.
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