10 Creative and Unexpected Ways To Add Color To Your Home

10 Creative and Unexpected Ways To Add Color To Your Home

Imagine living in a world that is in black or white – dull right? While there’s nothing wrong with these two, adding colors won’t hurt. After all, everyone needs a little bit of color. And when it comes to your home, going bold and choosing colors other than black or white can set the mood and tone of your home.

Here are 10 creative yet surprising ways to add more color – and life – to your own home.

1. Paint the Floor

Tiles may be the most convenient way to bring color to a dull house but painting the floor can make a bigger statement. It is a great way to cover any imperfections especially when the floor is hardwood. And it’s a fun way to surprise your visitors too.

2. Create a Friendly Entrance

Tired of wooden doors? Then paint it instead. The front door is the portal of your home. And the best way to make an impression is by starting on the outside and painting your front door in a vibrant or colourful hue.

3. Splash your Ceiling

Adding a color to your ceiling can bring life to your typical room. Just go for lighter hues such as pale blue or light green so the room won’t look smaller.

4. Brighten up your Furniture

Don’t just stick to the pillows that come with your couch. Fill it up with throw pillows that have designs and patterns to complement the look of your couch. If you have old chairs, paint it as well to add more drama in your home.

5. Don’t Forget the Curtains

Curtains work in dual purpose – it gives you privacy while it brightens up the look of your home. Curtains come in different designs, patterns and colors and choose one that can accent for your furniture.

6. Color your Kitchen

While it may be impossible to find an orange oven or purple fridge, be playful when it comes to small items such as plates, mugs, or even blender. You can even repaint cabinet or walls to make your kitchen look more playful instead of sticking with the usual white or dark wooden cabinets.

10 Creative and Unexpected Ways To Add Color To Your Home

7. Accessorize

Aside from the usual furniture, accessorize the look of your home by adding pieces in vibrant, refreshing hues. Choose a modern designer lamp table or hang a wall art as a focal point of your living room.

8. Consider the Lighting

It is easy to be playful when choosing a light suitable for your home. But don’t just stick with the usual brass or chrome. There are lights that come in various designs and colors that will surely brighten up the mood of your home.

9. Paint the Inside of the Shelves or Cabinet

If you have a shelf or open cabinet, try painting the inside rather than the entire shelf itself. It’s simple and easy but makes a big impact.

10.You can Never go Wrong with Flowers

The easiest way to add more color to your home is by adding colourful flowers. Pair it up with a nice vase or bowl and you’re good to go. Through these 10 simple tips, you can transform your dull, bland home into a vibrant colourful one. The key is choosing the right colors to make sure it will blend with the furniture and simply complement each other.