Incorporating Feng Shui in Your Living Room

Feng Shui is really no different than feng shui anywhere else. It is based around the principles of energy and clarity. You want to have great lighting, clean air and freedom of movement. No clutter is vital of course and should be a focus when you are putting your living space together. Feng shui is not difficult to attain without spending a ton of money, but you will want to spend it wisely.
A good place to start is by eliminating all of the clutter in the living room. This can be attained a number of ways but a thorough cleaning is the primary way to start. Go through and clean up and minimize. The less you need in your living area the better. Living rooms should be functional but clutter free for feng shui.
Organization is the key here once you get the living room down to the bare essentials. You need to spend some money on organization furniture pieces that will combine uses. You can get ottomans that will serve as a storage compartment as well. End tables with plenty of drawers are popular choices. Anything that can help you to stay organized easily and quickly will help you in your feng shui décor.
Now that you are minimized and clutter free, you can begin to shape and style your design. Which energy flow are you dealing with in your living room? This is key to picking the shapes and colors that you need to use. Feng shui is all about energy and flow after all.
Center your living room around the bagua that it is assigned. If you are in the area of fire, then you will want to use plenty of reds and oranges. Earth tones work wonderfully in this area of the home and they make a wonderful backdrop for a living room that is incorporating Feng Shui. If you want something different, then consider adjusting the elements.
Never skip any of the five elements of feng shui. All are important and all should be incorporated in your home. The living room is an important part of that décor and should be addressed as such.
The seating area should be cozy and warm and should always be open to any doorways. When people walk in  they should know that the feng shui energy is open and inviting and that they should come and join in. This can be done by adjusting your furniture in such a way as to be open and inviting. Never close off a piece of furniture to the open room or doorways.
The whole idea behind feng shui is to make you feel good and comfortable. Don’t lose sight of that. If you have a picture of your ninety year old grandfather that seem to be staring at your guests, you might not add it in. If it makes you happy to have it over your fireplace, however, then you certainly should. The bottom line is that it is your home and your energy flow. You should decorate accordingly.
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