Tips About Burning MP4 Video Files to DVD

Creating DVD films for viewing on the big screen are one of the big pluses of living in today’s digital age. Instead of being forced to watch movie on error-prone VCDs, which have low quality and even worse players, you can watch all your popular films in their high definition glory on the big screen, high resolution LCDs.

But the problem lies in burning the MP4 files to DVD. In order to achieve this, Aimersoft has developed the Aimersoft DVD Creator which is one of the best DVD making software’s on the market. It rips files to DVD in any format, be it MP4, MP3, MOV etc. It also ensures that these files will play on a variety of devices from your standard DVD player to your iPhone or your android tablet. The ability to burn files in any format and play on any device ensures that your movie and music remain as compatible and accessible as possible.

Aimersoft also provides several editing and touching-up features. You can create DVD menus, extract parts of a movie you deem unsuitable for children and add any features you may want to your DVD experience to be like. Aimersoft also has some of the fastest conversion and burn speeds. This is particularly important when you have to burn very large and high definition movie, which often take a long time to burn to DVD. Aimersoft accomplishes this in a very short amount of time.

As mentioned before, you can edit out parts of the DVD you deem unsuitable for children. This is accomplished via the Trim feature. This feature can be used to cut out parts of the DVD. You can also use it to cut out excessively long intros and credits as well as the FBI warning at the start of the film, which takes forever to finish.

Aimersoft also has a merge feature. This is used in case your file is split into multiple CDs. By merging you can put your entire film on one disc, forgoing the need to change CDs in the middle of your movie and maintain the tempo of the film.

You can also embed subtitles in your film. This helps audiences who have difficulty in hearing help understand dialogues in the movie, which are delivered in a difficult accent or get mumbled. Ultimately, this enhances the audiences understanding of what is going on in the film by keeping them abreast of important dialogues.

The watermark feature of Aimersoft enables you to add customized text and images in your film in order to give it a more personalized feel. This is good for cases where you’ve made a film of your own and wish to share it with your friends. The notes you embed in the film will keep your friends up-to-date with the important things that happened during filming.

Besides all these features, you can also adjust your frame-rate, your bit rate and your video resolution in order to bring the DVD into the particular setting.

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