Tips If You Are Moving Out Of State

Tips If You Are Moving Out Of State

When moving, NY can be a scary place.  Those who do not live in or near the area can often become intimidated by the shear largeness of the population, let alone the stigma put out to the rest of the country based on the “New Yorker” stereotype.”  Add this to the fact that moving out of state can so often be overwhelming anyway, and  you can easily see how paralyzing an out of state move, NY or elsewhere, can be.  Following are some tips to help moving out of state, to any state, less intimidating.

Check Regulations on Driver’s Licenses

Different states have different requirements for getting a license in the new state.  Some require a retest and some do not, but it wise to find out what is required and what the deadlines are before the move.  Otherwise, it is quite possible to end up with an invalid license before you know it, and then it may be too late.

Check on Tax Requirements

Various states have varying tax requirements.  Some have personal property taxes that require property to be assessed, and some do not.  If you are moving from a state that does not have this requirement, it can be very easy to miss related deadlines in a state that does.  Scoping out these and other potential tax differences ahead of time can save a lot of stress in the long term. 

Consider Differences in School Regulations

If you have children, you are going to want to know what is required for them to start school.  Shot records are almost always a must, and it can be a hassle to get the records transferred from one state’s Department of Health to another.  Getting an early start on this and gathering up any other paper work the school requires is a great first step to making the transfer process a smooth one.

If homeschooling, consider that state laws related to homeschooling vary greatly from state to state.  Be certain that you are abiding by all the guidelines required by the new state to avoid legal trouble.  It may be that the guidelines are more relaxed, but they may also be stricter.  Some differences include reporting requirements, minimum days required, and minimum hours per day required.


When moving, NY state websites offer many relocation tips.  Information such as realtor contact information, school districts, and much of the information mentioned above may be included, so they are definitely worth a look at to get some general information before the move.

There are many other things that must be considered during a move, whether out of state or in state, such as the transfer of utilities.  When dealing with out of state moves, it may be best to make a trip specifically for this, or arrange for temporary residence while accomplishing this task, as it is typically most easily handled in person.  Following this and other tips can help make any move out of state a less stressful experience.

Faith Stewart writes for a variety of web sites.