Things To Be Considered Before Selecting Stair Treads

Things To Be Considered Before Selecting Stair Treads

Carpet stair treads are an important accessory that any household with two or more floors should consider adding. They not only give added elegance to your staircases, but they also improve their safety level by providing some traction to the stairs, thereby greatly reducing the risks of accidents caused by slippery stairs. Stair treads also add a certain level of comfort to the user by support their joints when climbing, thereby easing reducing their physical impact on your body.

Because of this, it comes as no surprise to find out that every home that has several floors in their area have their stairs linen with stair treads. And if you’re planning to get a stair tread for yourself, here are some tips to consider in choosing and installing the right one for you.

Choosing A Stair Tread

Stair treads usually come in different shapes, sizes and designs, so it’s not that difficult into finding the right stair tread for you. There are many factors to consider in choosing the best stair tread that’s worth your money.

The material used for the stair tread should be considered. While nylon or other synthetic fabrics are much cheaper, they have fewer advantages compared to the natural fabrics like wool, Sial, or other organic fibers by being softer, and even more durable. So if you have the budget for those, go for the natural fibers.

The size of the stair tread should also be considered. The stair tread should fit the staircase perfectly, and must not look like it’s forced. You may even have to take some measurements of your staircases if necessary to achieve that perfect fit, but most of the times, just having knowledge of the proper size is enough.

Of course, if you can’t find the color, design, and size you want, some distributors offer the option to customize your own stair tread. So if there’s an option for this, consider getting it to get the best quality stair tread that’s fit to your tastes.


How you install the stair tread to your stairs is also up to you. If you wanted to make it easy, simply get a professional. But if you wanted to save some more money and opt to do it yourself, being careful is a necessity.

Stair treads come with a built-in tape to secure them, covered with a tape protector to preserve their adhesiveness (this a MUST when choosing your stair tread). Don’t remove the tape protectors until the tread is ready for placement. Keep the stairs clean from all floorings and dirt before you install the tread. If there are adhesive marks left behind by a previous star tread installation, remove them by pouring in hot water on the affected area and scrubbing them off. If it doesn’t work, use a chemical-based remover. Before removing the tape protector, make sure that the edges of the stair tread are properly set up against the edges of the staircase, to get a complete fit. Once that’s successful, you can then pull off the protector, and secure them on the staircase.

After installing it, the best way to maintain your carpet stair tread is to vacuum them regularly, to keep them free from dirt and other foreign objects that may come across.

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