Summer Wardrobe Essentials For Men And How To Wear Them

Everyone needs a bit of a closet overhaul once in a while, and if you are sick of wearing the same shorts and T-shirt combo that you’ve worn since you were 14, then there are plenty of versatile trends that are in this summer that can suit all kinds of guys. Don’t be afraid to try something new, the ladies will love it!

Hot Look #1: Stripes

As the nautical theme is hot to trot this summer, stripes are a massive part of this season’s fashion for men. The best thing about this fashion trend is that there is a type of stripe to suit every guy, and even if you think stripes can make you look bigger in all the wrong places, wear them right and you can look truly suave and sophisticated. Pin stripe is a hot trend for this summer’s office wear for example so if you want to try out some dashing pin stripe tailoring, pick a quality well fitting suit and then break it up with a plain shirt underneath.

Hot Look #2: Camouflage

Camouflage is a great look for summer because it is subtle yet exciting. Men love a guy in uniform, and if you can pull this look off you will definitely have them weak at the knees. First, pick a statement piece which will be in the camouflage material such as combat trousers, combat shorts, a jacket or hold all bag.

A pair of light khaki tailored trousers, a white shirt, white converse and a pair of some of the best polarized shades for men when put together with a camouflage jacket is the perfect summer combo. Alternatively, stay cool in camouflage shorts, white t-shirt and flip flops and team with a pair of quality aviators for a contemporary homage to Top Gun!

Hot Look #3: Neon

The problem with a lot of men’s fashion is that so many people believe that you are restricted in the colors and patterns that you can wear. Where girls can get away with wearing practically anything, guys usually have certain colors and items that they should avoid. Well, this summer your clothes don’t have to be boring and all of those bright colors that you have always wanted to wear can now be a huge part of your summer wardrobe. This summer it is all about bringing back the neon shades of the 1980s by using blocks of color to stand out.

If wearing fluorescent colors scares you, don’t worry you don’t have to take the look to the extreme as many of the catwalk designers have. Pick simple block colors to start off your outfit and work around it. Bright yellow shorts when paired with a pale short sleeved shirt and grey blazer is cool and great for summer. Team this look with a pair of wayfarers and tan boat shoes and you’ll look smart and confident.

Hot Look #4: Nautical

The nautical look has been around for years, but this summer it is as hot as they come and everything sailor-themed is really popular on the catwalks for men this season. Boat shoes, horizontal striped T-shirts, and navy blue blazers with light colored board shorts or chinos will truly make you stand out from the crowd this summer. To add even more style to the nautical look, try the bungee O-ring style belt with pale blue shorts, a straw fedora, and a subtle blue and red gingham short sleeved shirt.

Hot Look #5: Pink

When a man wears pink he absolutely oozes sophistication and confidence. Again, it is one of those colors that many people associate with female fashion but guys can look great in it too – even if it is just a subtle shade of pink. Try a casual beach bar look by wearing some light ripped denim shorts with a tan leather belt, a white scoop neck t-shirt, maroon loafers, aviators, dog tags and a pale pink blazer.

The blazer will look masculine because it has been mixed in with complimenting items and can look cool and casual. The blazer will also work really well with this summer look because smart tailoring is really on trend right now too!

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