Ready For The ELearning Solutions Experience?

As the world is becoming increasingly interconnected at high speeds, people are bombarded with vast amounts of information, some of which is relevant, well-researched and written in a comprehensive way, while much of what remains is poor in both fact and presentation. How does one get through this information overload? What is the most efficient method of presenting materials that will work in spite of the decreasing attention span of the public and the greater leaning towards visuality as opposed to just text? Who can help with ensuring that your hard work pays off and attracts the maximum number of people through innovative approaches to integrating technology? If these questions are on your mind, you should look more closely at a relatively new and very exciting area of eLearning solutions.

What is ELearning?

In a standard learning process, it used to be sufficient for an instructor to prepare a set of index cards off which an often boring and usually hard to follow lecture could be read. A lecture of this type could sometimes be supplemented by a projected presentation. Too much data in tables and graphs could be overwhelming, while the learners had little or no opportunity to interact with the information they were receiving or test out their knowledge. The introduction of eLearning solutions as a component of the education process has revolutionized the entire field. Meaningful and positive interactivity is now a must. Providing learners with ample chances to work with the data is now a necessity. What eLearning does is give a brand new life to ideas and lessons. An increasing number of scholars, organizations, instructors and universities making good use of this technology suddenly find unexpected new ways of connecting with their students and their material itself as they had never seen possible in the past.

How can ELearning solutions help me?

There are two basic paths to integrating eLearning into the life of your organization or business – creating brand new materials for this platform or making use of available services. Both approaches are highly popular – the choice depends on whether some materials already exist, if the older format is compatible with the new, what the timeframe for the project is and so on and so forth. Importantly, most eLearning specialists a few years ago would have recommended starting from scratch, but technology has moved on, and now incorporating your existing work is easier than ever before. What this means is that an older PowerPoint or other type of presentation can now be made a part of a highly interactive and fun eLearning course that your audience will love. Thus, if you have been seeing a decrease in the effect of a formerly highly effective sales or training presentation, eLearning is the way to go.

How are existing materials Transformed?

If you are looking into putting your existing presentation materials into this new format, you may be interested in knowing what kinds of changes to expect. The simple answer is that you will hardly recognize your old presentation in your professionally made eLearning solution, but in a good way. The information will be enhanced to make the best use of the new interactivity through bright and attractive visual elements, vibrant narrative and other features. When looking for a company to build your eLearning materials for you, you need to ensure that they are proficient in the project you are setting before them. The company’s portfolio should include extensive experience in eLearning specifically, including content creation, video work, tests and quizzes and learner feedback.

A few Final Remarks

The company that you engage should make you feel comfortable about the feasibility of your eLearning project. No questions should remain unanswered. They should be deeply interested in knowing more about your audience, your goals and your passions, as without this information their contribution to your success in this new medium will be limited. A true professional in this field will be able to transform your entire instruction, training and information dissemination experience. The eLearning technology has the power and ability to reach and engage minds like no method before. The learners feel deeply drawn into the material, so the entire process becomes an adventure. The great world of eLearning solutions awaits – are you ready?

This article was written by Eliana Sarsforst Zulsberg, a journalist an author specializing in topics related to e-learning solutions and other learning and development matters.