Setting Your IPhone Up For Professional Success

If you have an iPhone then you probably already know that it is capable of handling a lot of tasks that other smartphones aren’t.
You’re also aware that almost anything that it can’t handle out of the box, it can handle with a quick look in the App Store, which you can access with the tap of a finger.
However, have you really thought about what that can do for your professional life?
Have you thought about setting your iPhone up for professional success, so that you can have all of the tools that you need on the go, whenever and wherever you may be?
Following are some ways that you can set your iPhone up for professional success.
Google Voice & Skype
Communication technology is booming, and with it has come Google Voice and Skype.
Now, if you have the iPhone 4 or beyond, you have video capabilities that allow you to have video chat on Skype right from your phone.
With Skype you also have the ability that phone and pseudo phone services don’t have, which is free international contact in text.
However, if you would like a business phone number instead of an application you have to sign into in order to use, then you should shoot more towards Google Voice.
You’ll get a lot of great features along with it.

  • Your choice of a new phone number that you can use for business purposes only, yet access from your iPhone, and calls to that number get directed to your iPhone as well
  • Your new number gets its very own separate voice mailbox and text message system
  • You can check your messages from your Gmail mailbox
  • Your voice messages can be transcribed, so you don’t have to actually listen to them
  • You can also record incoming calls to help your business
  • Free national calls, and cheap international calls

Google Voice and Skype are both must-haves for their separate top features.
Every professional needs a quick and easy way to record and share information.
With the Evernote application, you can record information in several ways: text, voice, and image.
You can also share in some simple ways, from user to user, or through e-mail to non-users.
Another really great feature of Evernote is its organizing capabilities.
You can organize with notebooks, notes themselves in alphabetical order or the order they were created, or tags to group and classify your notes.
Those who have started to use Evernote, haven’t stopped. It’s become a necessity because of its convenience and multiple uses.
Omnifocus is the superstar task management application for the busy professional.
If you have so much going on that it’s difficult to keep up with, then you should download this application to help you prioritize and keep track of the projects and events that you have going on.
Some main benefits and features of Omnifocus are:

  • Organize by projects, and group projects by context (home projects, work projects, etc.)
  • Cloud server for syncing
  • Quick task creation methods
  • Notifications
  • You can use your Siri to help you
  • Break down your tasks into smaller steps to help you manage
  • Free customer support!

Outpost 2 is the official Basecamp application for project management.
If you don’t have Basecamp for you and your team, then you should sign up,
and then you should all download the OutPost2 application in order to effectively communicate and run the project, even when you may think you’re worlds apart.
With the use of these applications, your iPhone will go from being your Pandora Radio/Siri toy to being an important and reliable tool to help you ease some of the complications of your professional life.
Using your iPhone to help meet your professional success is an intelligent idea, which is why so many applications are being created for that purpose alone.
This is a guest post by Alexandra Seremina who works with – a mobile development company.