Selling Up Fast: How to Get the Most Out of Selling Your Home

Selling your home has the potential to become incredibly stressful; as well as dealing with estate agents, you also need to rely on the property chain if you have any chance of selling your home quickly. This isn’t ideal if you’re selling up for financial reasons, as if your budget is tight you want to get rid of those large household bills as soon as possible. There are alternatives though – take a look at some of the other ways you could go about selling your home:
Property buying companies
If you’re in a pinch and you just want to sell up as fast as you can, property buying companies will make you an instant offer, regardless of the condition your house is in. This is ideal if you’re looking to release equity quickly, or if you’re moving abroad and don’t want to get caught up in a property chain. You’ll receive less than market value, but gain the opportunity to cut ties as fast as possible.
If you feel your home has the potential to earn you a tidy package, look into auctioning it; this is a great way to make an instant sale if it’s popular, and has the potential to earn you market value – although this is balanced out by the risk that you may not sell at all. Start by hiring a private auctioneer to take a look over your house and value it up, so that you can have it published in the next auction catalogue. You’ll then have a viewing period where people can look over your home, before bidding begins. It’s worth bearing in mind that while fancy homes like this, are usually very popular, the same can also be said for those that are quite run-down – a lot of buyers at auctions are purchasing a second home, and lots of people like a renovation project!
Private selling
This method requires you to have a good understanding of the housing market, but can potentially reap benefits, as you won’t have to worry about cutting an agent in on the sale of your home. Have your home independently valued if you feel it’s necessary – although you can just look at the house prices in your area for a good idea of your asking price. You can advertise wherever you feel is best – put a notice in the local paper or create your own interactive website, depending on your budget and time constraints. The only thing you will have to do is hire a solicitor, as they will deal with the transfer of ownership for you.