Tips for Choosing the Right College Major

Are you choosing your major, for yourself? In many cases individuals pick a major based on what their parents want, or what their friends want, or what will pay the bills. If you pick a major for any of these reasons you will face a difficult road, because you will not be selecting a major that makes you happy. Dwell on choices of a major that would be interesting to you. Think through your unique talents, and what really makes your heart sing. If you think through the process of selecting your discipline of study expect to be a happy, successful student.
List out each one of your talents. Reveal to yourself what you most enjoy doing. I like writing so selecting a major that best fits my skill set would most resonate with me. If you enjoy help individuals and have a strong interest in biology perhaps any major in the medical field would appeal to you. The issue lies in being honest with yourself, without trying to be a people pleaser in the process.

Quiet Time

Spend a great deal of time in quiet to select the right major for you. Individuals who are happy college students chose a major based on what they wanted. Too many individuals are hungry to pay bills, or make money, or to garner the approval of their parents, and this corwd is more often than not miserable with their life choices. You cannot be happy if you choose to love somebody else’s life.
Find a quiet spot and sit with your thoughts. Be at peace with making your own decision. Exploring this idea means shutting out the opinions of people around you. Your parents are not going to college for 4 or more years, nor are they spending hundreds and thousands of hours studying any articular discipline, but you are. Make sure you choose a major which resonates strongly with you.

List out Your Talents

Grab a piece of paper and pen. Sit down and write out each talents you own. Gauge what makes your heart sing. Go wild with this practice, taking the time to list out each one of your talents. Explore. Do not rush though this listing session because you are likely to unearth talents which have long been buried due to your fears, namely, the fear of criticism. Most people are terrified to express what they most love doing because cowards are quick to criticize people who live their dreams.
List out as many talents as possible. Then work your way through the list, picking out 5 skills you most enjoy engaging in, as these 5 talents make the final cut.

Find Good Matches

Once you have five skills, take the time to find good matches. Think through potential matches by doing your due diligence. Strict research reveals to you exactly what you could study in order to make the most of your passions. Hop online or head to the library.
Think about if you would like to live away at school, or perhaps you are content to commute. Disqualify schools which do not make the cut. Find out what studying the major will entail and narrow down your list to a group of potential candidates. You will only find the perfect match by painstakingly going through this process, so be thorough with your research.


Relax. This is a big decision but flipping out over the selection process does not serve you. Be at peace with the decision you make and remember, you can change college majors at any time. Calm down, slow down and make the right decision for you.
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