Rugs Add Colour And Comfort To Wooden Or Laminate Floors

Rugs are even more popular today than they have been in recent years. Whatever your choice of decor, you will find a rug to enhance your room. Today’s wooden and laminate floors provide an excellent background on which to display an attractive rug.

Types Of Rugs

There are many different types of rugs available from modern to traditional in different designs, shapes, sizes and colours. You can choose from totally natural materials such as wool, cotton, bamboo, sheepskin or hide, or you might prefer acrylic, viscose, polyester or other man made material. There is something suitable for any room in the house and a rug that will suit any budget.

Natural Rugs

Flokati and sheepskin rugs both comprise sheep’s wool, but whilst flokati rugs consist only of the yarn, the sheepskins are actually the pelt of the sheep. They are both shaggy and comfortable rugs, although flokati rugs are slightly softer. These are also available in various colours to suit your decor.

Wool rugs are known for being very durable and environmentally friendly. They can be hand or machine woven and naturally the method of production will be reflected in the difference in price. People have used wool rugs for many centuries because it provides such good insulation and is relatively easy to clean. As with sheepskin rugs, wool is also a healthy option as it is free from toxins, unlike synthetic fibres. As well as traditional wool rugs, there are some stunning modern designs available.

Another natural option is a cowhide rug. There are many different variations in the patterns and colours of these according to the breed of cow and each one is individual. Cowhide rugs are naturally large and you can use them as throws for your sofa or wall hangings as well as for floor coverings.

Synthetic Rugs

Faux sheepskins are very popular because they are beautifully soft and comforting. They add a touch of luxury to a room and come in various shades as well as different sizes.

Polypropylene rugs are extremely hardwearing and practical. The pile does not shed and they are available in various classic and modern designs. These rugs tend to be inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Polyester rugs are available in plain colours and in modern, bold designs. They are soft and comfortable and come in various textured finishes to add style to your home. These offer good value for money and are available in various shapes and sizes.

Acrylic rugs are robust and heavyweight. They come in many bold designs, both modern and traditional and can provide a stunning feature in your room. Various sizes are available and these can also be made to measure.

Artificial silk rugs are made from 100% viscose. They are very hardwearing and practical but, at the same time, have the feel and look of a real silk carpet. These rugs can recreate traditional Persian designs to give your home a touch of class.

Whether you choose natural sheepskin rugs or modern designer statement pieces, rugs can add a touch of luxury and comfort to any home.

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