So You Want To blog?

Why is blogging so popular? Standing on this side of the fence I only see three reasons for blogging, and only two of them are really any good. A lot of people seem to have some misconceptions about blogging, its purpose, and effectiveness based your goals in blogging.
You have something to say
I, like many, do it because we all believe we have something to say. If you want to, or currently, blog anecdotally, focusing mostly on your voice, with personal tone to your writing, you write because you believe you have something to say. I wrote this article because, I think I have something to say that might leave an impression on you. I might be wrong, but I believe it so much, that I am willing to try and convince you. These days, everyone with half a writing degree, or a computer and a coffee machine blogs. I am no exception. Marketing a personal blog is almost impossible. The market is over-saturated, and most of them aren’t really that good. If you really have something to say, you would likely do it anyway.
A large number of people use blogging a medium to sell products or services to customers. Bloggers who write for professional reasons don’t necessarily do it because they feel that they have some wisdom to impart, but rather because they are paid to do it, or because it is the best way to pitch a sale, or boost online traffic to their website. The passive income that may result from a professional blog is more of an added bonus than anything a company might rely on for profit.
For profit
A few years ago blogging became very popular, many people started seeing high amounts of traffic, which brought in a lot of revenue from advertisements and links to eternal websites. It became so lucrative that everyone started doing it, and soon the money making potential of blogs regressed to the mean. These days, the amount of work you might put into maintaining a blog will rarely be worth the money made. In most cases it translates to making significantly less than minimum wage. There is almost no reason to enter blogging as a means to just make money. There are always exceptions, but don’t bank on it.
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