5 Most Popular Online Master's Degrees Of 2012

Obtaining a master’s degree after graduating with a bachelor’s degree is a way to expand your job opportunities while increasing the overall salary you are capable of earning.
When you have a master’s degree, it is much easier to find positions you desire with the income you are seeking even if there are other applicants or you want to work in a highly competitive field.
Working towards a master’s degree is possible by searching online right from home to find a program that is right for you.
Some of the most popular online master’s degree programs can be completed without attending a college in person with enough self-motivation and determination.

Global Executive MBA

A global executive MBA is one of the most popular online master’s degrees that can be obtained from home that can also be greatly beneficial in the world of business and Internet technology.
Leadership, innovation and understanding business development are key components that are included when you obtain a MBA as a global executive.
Some global executive MBA degrees can be earned in as little as two years after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in the field of business.

Master of Science Information Technology

With the expansion of the Internet technology field today, a master of science information technology is highly recommended if you enjoy working with management, strategy and business analytics on a regular basis.
A master of science information technology also focuses on networking and security for a variety of businesses, requiring you to understand how to handle data while using it to help build additional companies based on results and analytics.

Master of Science in Computer Science

Obtaining a master of science in computer science degree is ideal if you enjoy working in computer security, databases, graphics, game development and even web development.
A master of science in computer science will allow you to learn more about software development, programming, computer algorithms and even database systems set up on a variety of computer systems.
Mastering various programming languages and understanding how to properly research new developments in software and
IT is included when working towards a master of science in computer science.

Master of Arts Computing & Education

Utilizing advanced technologies in the education field is possible once you have obtained a master of arts computing & education degree.
Understanding computer centers, the latest technologies and how to implement them into the education industry is all taught when you are working towards a master degree of arts computing & education.
An arts computing & education degree is ideal if you are seeking a more prominent position in the educational field or if you are looking to obtain a position that is high in demand or highly competitive.

Master of Arts Education Technology & Learning

If you are working as a teacher but you want to expand your career options in the educational field, obtaining a master of arts education technology & learning is highly recommended.
A master of arts education technology & learning degree allows you to understand all of the advances in technology including using computers to teach courses in addition to understanding how to properly work with various systems set up in today’s learning institutions.
Finding the right master degree programs online will help you to achieve the success you desire while obtaining a position or career you have in mind in any competitive or growing field.
Comparing program highlights and the type of skills you will learn with each degree will assist you with making the right decision for you based on the type of job or long-term career you are seeking.

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