Plastic Photo Badges

What are Plastic Photo Badges?

Photo-ID badges have become a standard part of everyday life. They provide instantaneous identification and can be used to trail employees, provide access to secure areas, and enhance security. is the fastest and most convenient way to make professional-quality custom-IDs – it’s speedy it’s easy, and it’s economical.

The Photo Badge is a miscellaneous item wearable by all classes. It is two instant film photographs (most commonly associated with Polaroid) held together in place with a safety pin, and can be sprayed with the Decal Tool. Plastic Photo Badges have contributed to this in a huge way.

With you can custom create and personalize plastic photo badges and identification cards online. It’s easy to create a single badge or to customize multiple plastic photo badges at once. It only takes a matter of minutes. The personalized plastic photo badge creation system utilizes state-of-the-art to express myself, a web-based software system that specializes in creating customized designs online.


Badges were popular as jewelry in the middle ages, and speckled from extremely expensive works of jewelry, like the Dunstable Swan Jewel, to simple mold-made badges in lead or other base metals. Specialized forms were the pilgrim badge, worn by those who had finished a pilgrimage, and heraldic or livery badges, worn to signify service or allegiance to a political figure – these last were especially popular in England, and became very controversial in the period leading up to the Wars of the Roses. One royal celebration in 1483 was marked by the distribution of 13,000 badges, a huge number relative to the population at the time. Other types were funerary badges, presumably presented to mourners for the funeral of important figures, and simple decorative badges with animals or hearts. The grandest form of badge was worn as a pendant to a metal collar, often in gold or silver-gilt.

From the livery badge, various badges of service evolved, worn by officials, soldiers and servants. In the British army a metal (today often plastic) cap badge denoting the soldiers regiment became standard by the 17th century, as in most European armies (though not always navies). By the 19th century a badge was an almost inflexible part of any uniform, including school uniforms, which in the UK usually still feature the school’s badge in cloth on the breast pocket of the jacket or blazer.

Different Types of Plastic Photo Badges

  • Pin On
  • Button On
  • Sew On

Plastic Photo Badges Are Used To Make:

  • Employees ID badges
  • Membership cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Party badges
  • Kids badges for play

Uses of Plastic Photo Badges

  • Make a Photo ID Badge for employee identification cards
  • Increase security at your office
  • Use security holographic overlays to prevent fraudulent Photo ID Badges
  • Use a Plastic Photo Badge with a magnetic stripe to track employees attendance
  • Use a Plastic Photo ID Badge with a magnetic stripe as a debit card for purchases
  • Make plastic photo Badges whenever and wherever you need to and are durable.
  • Your Photo ID Badges will show your clients Value + Quality!
  • For fun purposes for kids such as cartoon badges.

How Plastic Photo Badges are used Professionally?

Professionally designed Plastic Photo Badges are a simple and convenient security solution for your employees, staff and authorized visitors. ID badges have been proven to provide a high level of assurance and security for the workplace. Running who walks in and out of your workplace every day is essential to your business’s security and the best way for large organizations to do this is by providing employees and guests with name badges that identify who they are. Photo badges are available in two distinctive styles, each with their own unique qualities. For security conscious applications our traditional credit card size badge is considered the “industry standard”. By following design guidelines and material specifications, you are assured the most attractive, personalized and security conscious photo ID available.