How To Set-up A Posh Wedding Table and Chairs

Did you know that even your wedding table and chairs plays an important role on your once in a lifetime big day? Yes, they are. They add good memories, luxury and can make the wedding reception more soulful. If you are aiming for this kind of theme yet doesn’t know where to start, we’ll tell you to begin with your wedding motifs, flowers and choose decorations that complements.
To create a well-coordinated look, match the colors on your table linen and chairs. Like for example, if your wedding colors are pink and brown, go for brown table cloth with pink centerpieces. You can also decorate the chairs covers and sashes to match the theme. In order to create a chic look, you have to vary the shade of your weeding theme like if the table cloths are brown, chair sashes can be a lighter brown or taupe to add variety and depth.
You wedding flowers must complement with your overall color palette but you can accentuate new shades also. For instance, in a pink centerpiece, add accent of yellow. Using a tablecloth, chair covers, sashes and flowers in exactly the same hue or pink could be too much. You must break the monotony by incorporating varying shades of pink or new colors, such as whites, browns, blacks or greens. White, off-white, black or brown are good colors for napkins and table runners because they often complement most other colors.
Chair Covers
Chair covers can be one of the highlights in your wedding reception. If your venue’s chair options are boring and dull, chair covers can add spark and potentially also make them more comfortable for the guests. They simply change it into something that is sophisticated and well-favorite. White or off-site covers are the best one if you want to go for a clean and fresh look. Or if you’re already using white table linens, use colored chair covers in neutral colors like white, black, and brown to punch up your embellishments.
Liven up wedding reception tables with centerpieces. They can be made out of just about anything. To go for a typical option, use a beautiful floral arrangement in the center of each table or place a tall, exotic plant, such as an orchid, in the center of every table and let guests take them home as tokens. Wanting for unique and serene style? Make use of floating candles in clear glass bowls on tables to add an intimate setting with glimmering candlelight or place a fish bowl with a beta fish in the middle of each table.
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