Personalizing Urns For The Perfect Memorial Item

The urn that you choose for your family member’s ashes is an important decision to make, so when you are picking the right style, make sure that you take into consideration the material, shape, color ad decoration for the urn. Although it can feel like a hard choice, you don’t need to rush as many funeral parlors will often offer to hold the ashes after the memorial service until you pick the perfect urn.

Choosing The Right Material

Personalizing Urns For The Perfect Memorial Item

Choosing the material you want the urn to be made from is dependent on where you are going to keep it. An urn which is to be buried can be either made from brass or other metals, or stone which is long lasting, or it can be made of a biodegradable material. Brass and ceramic urns are among the most popular in terms of display because they come in a variety of colors and can be decorated with medallions, enamel and various patterns. Biodegradable urns are growing in popularity, and once it has been buried it becomes part of the earth. This makes it the perfect place to plant a memorial tree to remember that special friend or relative.

Which Kind Of Shape?

The shape of the ashes casket is another important part of the cremation urn selection process. Although you may be finding it difficult to make a decision, remember that you don’t need to make the choices alone and making them with a friend or family member is a great way of getting support.

The shape of the urn can be as basic or as extravagant as you like, as long as you feel that it reflects the personality of the person who has passed. Popular shapes include boxes (often made of stone or wood), cylinders (usually in ceramic or metal) or orbs (sometimes made of glass). The type of material that it is made from will usually have an impact on the detail in its shape. Glass and metal urns are more likely to have more extravagant shapes as they are more easily crafted.

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Different Use Of Color

The color of the urn also depends on where you are going to keep it. If the urn is biodegradable, the color doesn’t matter too much as it will break down into the earth once buried. However, if it is going to be on display in your house then the color is another important choice to make. Make sure that the color speaks to you and reminds you of the person that you are trying to remember as this will make your choice feel more significant. You might find that color meanings can affect your choice. For example, red can signify joy, pink is for love, gold is for wisdom, green is for peace, and white is for purity. Alternatively, you can just pick something that you like and that you know was a favorite color of the person you are remembering.

Adding Text And Patterns

You can add plaques, medals and additional decoration to most urns for an extra cost. If you feel like you want your loved one’s name on it, think of a heartfelt epitaph and plaque size so that this can be attached before you plan to bury it or place it on display.

Patterns such as engravings into metal are also a popular choice, so if you want to add even further decoration to your urn then you should look at the range of pattern choices available in both premade and bespoke urn design. Stripes, stars, flowers, or even a marble effect are just a few of the design styles that you can expect to get from urn designers. Obviously, a marble effect will depend on whether you choose stone to make the urn from. Even more stylistic effects such as art deco, ethnic patterns or even flags are a popular choice