Tips For Baby's First Christmas

A baby’s first Christmas is a very special time of year for everyone, especially for new parents. Celebrate your child’s first Christmas with these simple yet special ideas…from starting new traditions to sweet little keepsakes for the years to come. Make this Christmas something to remember for you and your little one!

Holiday Card

What new parent doesn’t love showing new baby photos to friends, family and co-workers? This Christmas, you can show off your little bundle of joy to everyone on your Christmas list with a personalized holiday card. Take advantage of the custom designed cards from Tiny Prints or Shutterfly. They both have many unique options to choose from, and they’re relatively cheap too!

Splurge on PJs

Make this Christmas special by dressing your little one up in a cute pair of holiday footie pajamas. Babies grow fast…while your baby may only get one wear out their Christmas getup, they will sure look adorable on Christmas morning. And they will be warm all day long. Mud Pie has super cute Christmas themed pajamas. Or, if your baby prefers to be in the nude you can opt for a trendy Christmas themed cloth diaper!

Choose a Gorgeous Stocking

It’s time to pick out a Christmas stocking for your new baby. Keep in mind that this will be your child’s stocking for years to come, so chose a super cute one! Both Etsy and Pottery Barn Kids have a wonderful selection of Christmas stockings for the entire family. Also, consider having your names embroidered on your Christmas stockings. This simple touch will make your Christmas extra special.

Start a New Family Tradition

‘Tis the season for a new family tradition! While we love the traditions we share with our extended families, this Christmas is a great opportunity to start a new tradition with our immediate family. Your Christmas tradition could be as simple as watching Frosty the Snowman together on Christmas Eve or reading The Night Before Christmas just before bed. Traditions are a great way to bring families together each year.

Visit Santa Claus

No Christmas is complete without a visit with Santa Claus. Sure, your child won’t know who the jolly old man in the red suit is this year, but the photo will be most memorable. So, buy your baby a cute outfit specifically for the occasion. And don’t forget your digital camera. You won’t want to miss your baby’s first impression of Old Saint Nick.

Buy a Keepsake Ornament

Your baby’s first Christmas is very important. Remember this special occasion by purchasing (or making) a keepsake ornament. Use either your favorite candid photo or your baby’s name to commemorate this sweet occasion. Hallmark has some really nice keepsake ornaments. Your baby only has one first Christmas. Make it a special one. Happy Holidays!

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