Top 7 Major Mistakes On Hostel / Guest House Websites!

Online real estate portals are introduces almost a decade back with the technological waves to ensure the availability of the real estate service online. Though there were initial hiccups and still now the online real estate websites designers are yet to check on some aspects. A real estate portal are expected to be a platform for the real estate dealings either catering to residential or commercial or both. In residential it includes paying guest, rent, buy/sell, land properties, independent houses etc. and has to be city or area specific whereas commercial properties deal with office premises or premises used for commercial purpose, but still now there lacks clarity in many of the existing websites, which in a way can disillusioned the PG seeker.

Top 7 Major Mistakes On Hostel / Guest House Websites!

Inadequate Information

Till now, many of the portals display inadequate information related to the concerned PG. For instance, if you are looking for a PG accommodation in Thane the portals may suffice you with a lead, but the quality of the leads are not been judged properly. So, even if you call the concerned person, you may not be in the situation to know, whether that suits you or not. This may involve a waste of time for you, if you visit the PG and find it not suitable.

No Pictures

Pictures help to have a virtual tour of the premise, but in most of the websites pictures as well as the description of the PG keep missing. Hence it is important to upload the pictures along with the short description of the PG as well as the location and neighborhood.

Loads of Promises Made But not Delivered

The websites tend to upload the information and the promises made by the property enlister without even cross checking that. Most of the time to get a tenant the landlord or the broker makes fake promises and people fall into this. But, it get revealed after the place has been visited, but in such cases the pg seeker already put the hassle of visiting that place which demands time and money.

Location of the Property not given Properly

Sometimes the location of the property are not provided properly, thus it becomes quite a hectic task for the PG seeker to find the location. For instance, in a city like Mumbai most of the localities are bifurcated as East and West and it takes time commuting from one place in East to the other in west. Moreover people may have accommodation requirements in a place convenient to his/her work place or college. This becomes bit cumbersome when someone tries to shortlist the PG and not locate it properly.

Lack Credibility

Since, the details are not provided properly, it lacks the credibility factor.

Not updating the Inventory Properly

Not updating the inventory is another issue, which needs to be taken care off. If someone is shortlisting the PG and don’t get it available it is disappointing.

Details of the Enlisters not provided Properly including Contact Details

Sometimes the details of the property enlisters are not being updated properly, which again has a negative impact on the brand.

But, scenario has changed, with, which has been very keen to ensure high credibility factor along with the convenience with their robust features like Verified Listing, real time photographs, topical presentation etc. which ensures that you are connected with your preferred PG accommodation in no time.