Jobs With A Degree In Nutrition

There are so many college degrees available it is hard to know what to major in. If you know exactly what career you want you can easily get a degree in that field. However, it takes some people time to figure things out. A little research can help. We have looked at jobs with a degree in botany, social justice and chemistry, now let’s look at a nutrition degree.
A degree in nutrition can be very beneficial. First, it can always serve to help your own family but it can also open up many doors in the job market for you. While it may sound kind of vanilla it can actually be a very interesting field to study. Most jobs require a bachelor’s degree though some jobs may need a higher degree. Here are some.
A nutritionist is person who promotes and advocates awareness of eating issues, both positive and negative. They will usually work with a public school systems, county health departments or community and nonprofit institutions. Rather than working with individuals you would work with large groups of people to promote better nutrition. These jobs usually require you to obtain a certified state license.
This is the flip side of the coin from a nutritionist and it is also probably the most well-known career with a nutrition degree. Whereas nutritionists work with a large demographic to promote awareness a dietitian works with individuals or families to analyze and diagnose eating habits. They then help patients to plan and adopt a healthy eating plan. This can be very general plans or very specific such as creating diabetic friendly plans or cutting sodium from a patient at risk for heart disease. Many work for hospitals and clinics but you may also be employed by schools to work with at risk students. Other options even include specific places like weight loss centers or even rehab clinics.
Food Service Manager
Those with a degree in a food-related field may be able work as a food service manager overseeing a restaurant or cafeteria. You can especially work in a niche specific place like a vegan restaurant or healthy establishment. These jobs are often hectic and require a lot of energy as well as the ability to multitask while interacting with a wide range of people. A strong emphasis on customer service is required as well.
If you love the health field but don’t want to do medicine then a field like this can be a great option. Check with an online accredited university for available classes.
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