Jobs with A Degree In Finance

A college degree can open up many great opportunities for you. Even just a simple four year bachelor’s degree can give you a great advantage in the job market. That being said you need to choose your major carefully. Do a little research beforehand to see what jobs are available. We have looked at jobs in accounting, marketing and economics. Now let’s look at jobs in finance.
A finance degree will train you in ways to raise, designate and spend money for a company, individual or organization. Pretty dry material but you will learn economic theory, statistics, financial modeling, business law, investing and even international trade. You will also gain essential skills in financial management, which can apply to numerous jobs.
Financial Manager
Whether it be a massive corporation or a small nonprofit nearly every organization utilizes some type of financial manager. Granted for smaller companies it might be combined with other job titles or performed by the owner but somebody has to do it. You supervise financial reports, oversea investment activities, and utilize cash management strategies.  You are also in charge or establishing long-term financial goals of the organization.
Personal Financial Advisor
A personal financial advisor works with individuals to establish their future financial decisions and monetary budgets, usually with an eye towards retirement.  Your expertise would need to be in estate planning, investments, taxes and various retirement funds. Starting off you will probably have to work for an investment firm but eventually if you so desire you can strike off on your own if you gain enough clients.
Insurance Agent
While it may not seem like the most obvious choice for a finance major an insurance agent is a common occupation for this degree. You would work with clients to help protect themselves from disastrous financial losses as well as identify future risks.  You would help them understand their insurance needs, explain their options and coverage’s and assist with plan selection. The insurance industry is a huge industry and has lots of opportunities for those who are willing to learn it.
Stock Broker
Stockbrokers invest in the stock market for their clients. Only stock exchange members are allowed to make transactions however now there are many websites that act as brokers for individuals. They also serve as advisors explaining the stock exchange and advising clients on stocks, mutual funds and other investments. They also them choose investments to further their long term goals such as retirement. This tends to be a fast-paced job that requires constant attention to details and market fluxes. You also have to license and receive special training.
As long as business exists there will be a need for finance majors. Check online accredited universities for available classes.
Jeff Jordan writes in lives in Southern California. He writes about a variety of topics including automobiles and colleges such as Trident University.