5 Weirdest Home Security Devices

When it comes to home security, there is plenty of innovation going on – sometimes in unexpected ways.  We’ve come a long way from the fake soup cans and hollowed-out books on the bookshelf.  Here are 5 of the weirdest home security devices out on the market right now.

How about a Robot on Guard?

Most homeowners have a dog or animal to help guard the house while they are gone.  The folks at WowWee think you should have a robot on guard instead – and his name is Rovio.  Rovio can be remotely controlled and has both audio and video reception to broadcast to your remote computer or smartphone.  The robot not only patrols, but also can self-guide itself back to a docking station in case his batteries run low.  Now, if only we could program Rovio to call the police himself…

Don’t Leave your TV on – just Fake it.

Ever left your home for vacation and put the TV on just to make it seem like someone was home at night?  It’s a waste of electricity – so why not just fake it?  The FakeTV device is more like a nightlight than a TV, using far less electricity, but from the outside it looks like a TV is on in the house.  The only downside is that there is no sound, and you’ll probably want to put it on a timer as well – unless your normal habits are to watch TV until 6AM.

There’s a Call for you on Line 1.

Telespy bills itself as the “world’s most practical intrusion detector,” a device disguised as a telephone.  When it detects motion in the room, it calls you and allows you to listen in and decide whether it’s just friends stopping by to water the plants or an unwanted intruder.  Just make sure that you answer the call – you don’t want your answerphone to be filled with recordings of thieves running off with your precious goods.

Get a Dog to Protect you, Hassle-free.

Don’t fancy having a pet, but like the security a fierce dog can provide? Then take advantage of Meet Tango, which bills itself as a state of the art home security prevention device, but actually is nothing more than a CD recording of a dog barking.  The software doesn’t come with any sort of program to have the dog bark on command, say, when a motion sensor is tripped.  So, your neighbours will love this one since the dogs will be barking the entire time you are gone. 

Fake it Until you Make it.

Last but certainly not least is the “fake” security camera – which may seem like a farcical joke until you Google it and find that there are hundreds of models on the market, some as low as $9 but some over $50!  An incredulous price when most of the fake cameras look about as real as the plastic food you’ll find in the window of a sushi restaurant.  It’s unfortunate when you can buy a real surveillance camera (with remote, smartphone access) for the same price.

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