How to Make Money from Blogging


Many people are charmed about the idea of working from home, with a flexible program. The same people like the idea of making $3,000 a month without doing too much work. A person that wants to make money online can begin the process by looking at different online databases that are full of money making opportunities.

What they would find are hundreds of pages promising them that they would make $1,000 a day simply by creating a few blogs. It can be important to use common sense, and ask yourself why would a person making $30,000 a month sell their secret to other people for $20.00 on the internet.

Making money on the internet is possible, but not easy. Just because you are staying home and you wake up every morning to check the computer in your living room instead does not mean that you will become a millionaire overnight. The process can be quite a switch from getting up and commuting to work everyday.   Many people may quit working from home once they realize that the work is not as easy as they previously thought it would be.

1. Choose something that you like

Before thinking about how your website might look, you will have to think about your interests. What do you like the most? What are your passions? Can you write an article every day about a subject without getting bored? The idea is to think passion, not money. Money can come after the brain storming process.  Just because you have seen that the financial field is rewarding, it does not mean that you will succeed in this area.  Select something that you like, and make sure that you have something to write about the respective topic each time when you sit in front of the computer.

2. Be objective

A blog needs its own brand, which relates objectively to what happens in the respective area. If you are an IT specialist, you can talk objectively about the latest developments in the market.  You can promote services in this industry; however, try to avoid using an exhaustive tone which would bore the visitor. The most successful blogs are the objective ones, not those with red, flashy letters that promise you the best bargain for the smallest price.

3. Calculate your initial costs

The initial cost has to be estimated, no matter what the final total is. You can start with a free blog made on a platform such as Blogger or WordPress. The website may grow may grow and you may need to talk to a specialized web developer that is fast and reliable.

4. Don’t think money at first

Your blog needs to be made with passion, and have interesting content. If those principles are respected, the money will come naturally. The implementation of AdSense will allow you start selling products for others. This doesn’t happen overnight, so you will need to have patience. If you insist on monetizing your blog from the start, you will make it slower and annoying for readers. Mark Zuckerberg encourages bloggers to know what is at the core of their blog before they attempt to monetize the blog.

About the Author: Nivia D. writes for CleverTim, a CRM company that provides simple CRM services to small businesses.