TOP Popular Auto Gadgets and Applications For Up-to-Date Travellers

The world of the modern technologies makes the world of digital technologies wider. It is not a problem to find the unique gadgets for your car for different tastes and budgets. There are many interesting gadgets for the car lovers. You can use them in the car, on the road during your trip. Of course, all of them are interesting but not all of them are really helpful. There are many car gadgets that are used for fun. Do you really need the teapot in your car or special thermometer to know the temperature outside the car?

It is better to learn about the useful car gadgets that are really helpful for drivers in different cases. The up-to-date cars are equipped with the modern gadgets of the latest trends and innovations. The greatest automobile producers Mercedes, Audi, BMW offer their smart systems for every new car. What about the future? What impressive gadgets can everyone use in future? The list of gadgets includes the most useful and innovative solutions. Meet them! The most of the appointed gadgets are popular in this season and the next one.

Waze – Travel Guide and Social Network Service

The Israel startup Waze is one of the best travel guides and navigators. It takes the satellite’s signals from the smartphone users and makes the real map to detect the road jams, hot traffic. This is a great navigation program for all drivers. The map and traffic information are corrected all the time to work in the real-time mood. The drivers are carefully signaled about the road situation, danger, police all over the world! The service includes about 45 millions of users. What is more, the application offers the number of interactive functions: you can share your location online in the social networks, look for the lowest prices and signal about the car incidents on the road.

Drivers Smart Watch

Mercedes all together with Pebble Technologies invented the smartest watch ever. The watch helps the driver to keep in touch with the car. The smart gadget informs the car owner about the car location, speed, car doors, and petrol status. The watch is also going to inform the driver about the road conditions, repair, jams. It can help to make the new rout. The watch on your hand is able to catch and share the information. You can use Digital DriveStyle platform to connect the car multimedia system.

Parker – Free Parking Places

The Parker application is available just for American and Canadian drivers. The Streetline Company located the special parking signals on every city parking to define the free places. What is more, the parking application gives an opportunity to pay for parking place and informs you that your parking time is expired.

Remoto – Remote Control

Remoto application helps you to control your car main functions through the mobile application and special equipment in your car. You can start or stop diagnostics, stop the car, lock and unlock the door with the help of your smartphone. The latest version offers to learn your driving style and catch sales from the insurance companies if you drive the car in accurate manner.

Ezway – Diagnostics, Competition, Money Saving

There is one more interesting start up. This is a money-saving compact gadget that suits to all types of cars. The gadget must be connected with your smartphone to help you to optimize your driving style, make the car diagnostics and write the driving diary. Of course, you may watch your driving results and compete with other drivers. It’s like the racing game – must be very interesting.

Key Searcher

Do you keep your keys in order? There are many special gadgets that combine GPS and Bluetooth all together to tag different things in your car and help you to find them by using special iOS application. Travelling to Canada, you usually hire a car to travel over the country. The numerous Canada Jeep car rental locations offer to hire the powerful cars, equipped according to the latest solutions. It is very convenient gadget if you are going to the countryside with your family and have a lot of things in your car.

Teen Driver

TripAlyzer – Driving Critic

TripAlyzer is predicted to analyze your driving style and effectiveness. It also helps you to learn the situation around from the point of view of its ecology. It is very important to make your trip safe for you and the environment around. You may have a good or bad mark after driving.

GoPoint App – Automobile Mechanic

This application helps to control your car mechanic system and het know if something goes wrong. For example, if you have the blinking lamp on your gadget, your application gives the error code to you to know what is wrong.

Drivemotion – Chatting Friends

Of course, this is not the most innovative gadget, but very useful. You can chat with other drivers to give them useful information about the road. You may thank or ask about something.

Tiwi – Driving Control

You know that the teens’ driving becomes popular all over the world. Thus, the USA government allows teens to drive the car from 15. This is a smart gadget that helps parents to control their kids’ driving. Tiwi helps to control the driving speed, road situation. You can use it as the smartphone to call to your kids. You can also put the rout and the gadget informs you if the rout was prosecuted.

BMW’s Night Vision

The system of night vision from BMW carefully informs you if there is a risk of collision. You may see the symbols of cars and other objects on the road clearly with the help of the IR camera. Thus, you know about the potential dangers on the road. This is your chance to react fast and effective.


People used to use modern gadgets to make them an important part of their driving life. They make our life easier and safe. Your car is a place where you spend much time. The automobile gadgets help to make your trip more comfortable. You can use them all!