How To Keep Safe When On Trampolines

Installing a trampoline in your back garden offers many benefits which includes having a lot of fun, keeping the kids fit and being outside in the fresh air where it’s nice and healthy instead of in front of a computer screen or television. However, it’s really important to think about the safety aspect too, because you want everyone who uses the trampoline to stay safe when they are bouncing around having fun on it.

Think About Trampoline Enclosures

The majority of modern day trampolines on the market can be fitted with what is called a tent or enclosure. These provide a lot of peace of mind when children are messing around on trampolines especially if they are new to the game. Some children get a little nervous when they first jump on a trampoline, which is only natural because leaping high into the air is fun but scary to begin with!
The enclosures adds a safer feeling for users on the trampoline and prevents them from accidentally being bounced off which could result in them hurting themselves. Enclosures are great because if a child feels safe and enjoys the experience without being scared, the next time they won’t be put off from playing on the trampoline.
Enclosures prevent users from bouncing off!

Think About Adding a Trampoline Safety Skirt

A skirt is a brilliant addition to trampolines; these can be bought from sites like They wrap around the base covering the legs which means toddlers and smaller children cannot crawl beneath the trampoline which is a dangerous place to be when anyone else is bouncing around on one. But it’s not only children that may decide to try and take refuge under a trampoline, family dogs too like to get out of the sun, and what better place to find a bit of shade than under the trampoline – dogs too can be seriously injured if anyone bounces on the trampoline when they are underneath it.

Think about Where You’ll Place Your Trampoline

You need to get advice on the best place to put a trampoline so that everyone who uses it stays safe. The area needs to be level, free of trees, hedges, fences or anything else that might cause an injury to people when they’re bouncing on the trampoline. Washing lines or any poles must not be in the vicinity of a trampoline either. Ideally, you would need a “safe zone” of around 2.5 metres around the trampoline for it to be in a truly safe position.
The ground also needs to be soft and what is known as energy absorbing – you should never place a trampoline on any hard surfaces which includes concrete or mud that’s packed hard because if anyone fell off and landed on a very hard surface, they could seriously injure themselves.

Join a Club & Have Lessons

Getting the kids to have a few lessons is always very worthwhile because they would be taught to bounce safely. It’s also a great way to get them involved in any local competitions. Teachers at these clubs usually have British Gymnastics qualifications which means they are experts when it comes to teaching people and children how to safely use a trampoline whilst having loads of fun.

Rules You Need to Keep To

There are certain rules that you need to set yourself, making sure your children fully understand them and the reason why they are there. These rules need to be adhered to at all times even when older people use the trampoline, because they need to set a good example to children.
ñ  Only 1 person should ever bounce on the trampoline at any one time
ñ  You should tie your trampoline down with a good quality anchor kit before anyone ever uses it
ñ  Invest in some safety pads so that nobody gets hurt by the springs, hooks or frame of a trampoline


Having a trampoline in the back garden, no matter how big or small it happens to be, can supply the kids with hours of fun in the great outdoors. However, you need to make sure everyone stays safe when they are bouncing around and having fun on what has to be one of the most popular items of sports equipment around. Setting the rules and making sure your trampoline is in the safest possible area of a garden goes a long way to ensuring people stay safe, keep fit and most of all, have fun.