How Flowers Can Change Your Mood

There are many people that buy themselves fresh flowers to put in the house because they feel that it makes them feel happier. This may be because they have treated themselves to a gift or they have happy associations with other people giving them flowers. There is also the chance that there may be something specific about flowers that cause people to be happy.

Caring for Something

The act of having to care for something in the home can make you feel like things are more permanent. Looking after something can make you feel good as well because you have a responsibility and something that you are caring for. Watching the flowers or plant enjoy the care you are giving to it can be very satisfying.

Air Quality Improvement

Flowers give out oxygen and this will help to improve the quality of air in your home. Having them placed near to where you spend most of you time, will make sure that there is more oxygen. This can actually help you to feel more peaceful and relaxed.


Some perfumes given out by flowers can actually have mood enhancing effects. Some specifically help certain moods, and others have aromatherapy effects. It can be worth finding out more about this if you are looking for specific mood effects from the flowers.


Certain colours can have mood changing effects. A vibrant yellow can be very energising whereas greens are calming.


It has been discovered that the scent of flowers can help to stir up creativity in people. By putting them in an area where you are working such as on a desk, they may help with work.


It has been found that flowers can help you to feel more compassionate towards other people. It has even been found that by seeing flowers on waking you will have a mood that will enable you to have a better attitude towards other people. It has even been found that this can help you to be more productive once you get to work.


As emotions have an effect on health, it is felt that flowers can improve health. If flowers improve your mood, then this should mean that you will have a feeling of well-being that should enable you to have better health.

Although all of these effects of flowers have been noticed by some people, there is not a lot of scientific evidence to show whether it really is true. However, it is possible to test it on yourself. If you normally have flowers in the home, try going without them and see what happens to your mood. On the other hand if you do not normally have them, then add some in to your home, perhaps a selection of bunches in the bedrooms, on desks and on the table where you eat and see whether it makes a significant difference. If you cannot afford cut flowers, then flowering plants should have the same effect and so they can be worth a try instead.

Christy is a home maker who has great interest in gardening and growing exotic flowers. She recently used Spear Wood Florist for flower delivery in Perth on her best friends birth day.