Google Webmaster Tools- A Powerful Tool For SEO

Google webmaster tools, according to Google, is a one-stop shop for webmasters that helps in crawling and indexing web pages of a site, providing the data and report which enhance the performance of your site, giving those offers which can increase traffic to your site and connect you with your targeted customers, determining when the customer is visiting your site, how many clicks are done for each page of your site, which keywords are most relevant to your site etc. It also informs you when Google stops crawling and indexing your web pages and identifies the problematic areas of your ecommerce site.
This article will tell you the main features of Google webmaster Tools so that you can also make use of it while optimizing your site.

How to Verify Your Website

  • Once you open Google Webmaster Tools website, you need to create an account or sign in with your Google account. The next step is to add your site by clicking “Add a site” button.
  • Enter the URL of your site and then click “Continue”.
  • In next step your verification will be done to verify your ownership of domain. This can be done either by adding Google provided Meta-tag to your homepage or by uploading HTML file in the root directory of your site by FTP.
  • Click the “verify” button when you are ready for verification.
  • Now there is nothing to do much except to wait until your ownership is verified.

Find the Way of Optimizing your site through Google Webmaster Tools Features

Search Queries Section

After the verification is done, you need to go back to home page and click on the domain name of the website in order to get the dashboard of Google Webmaster Tools. On the left side of dashboard you will get various sections and options out of which search queries section is very important section which is discussed below:
Search queries section in Google Webmaster tools is divided into five major indicators:

  • Query:

With Query you will be able to know the position of your site in search engines results for particular keywords. In this way you get to know the level of your effort of optimizing a site for particulars keywords and able to decide whether you are doing right or not. Query helps you in finding the relevant keywords for your site.

  • Impressions: 

Impression in Search queries section helps you in getting the number of people who are visiting your site for specific keywords. This is the best way to find out which content section of your site is particularly considered by visitors. So you will be able to get the list of relevant keywords which finally helps you in getting more traffic towards your site.

  • Clicks: 

With Clicks in Search Queriesyou will be able to know which people are visiting your site and how many of them are clicking it.

  • CTR(Click-through rate ):

Click through rate tells the percentage rate of visitors that are clicking on your site in search results. If you find that CTR is low for your site then do the required changes in Meta description of that page of site.

  • Average Position:

Average position helps in determining the ranking of your site for every keyword.

Tells About the Links to your site

The main emphasis of Google’s search algorithm is to have the quality and number of links from other websites to your site. You can’t see it publically which other website links you are getting for your site. But once you verified your site with Google webmaster tools, you will be able to see the other website links to your site. This way you get to know how your website is performing and make sure that your website is getting links. Google also provide those dates when these links are found on your websites.

Notify the errors

When Google stop crawling and indexing web pages of your site, then Google Webmasters Tools notify you about it. If you are facing the problem of lack of sales then you can see it to know whether there is any error has been reported.
Matthew Anton is a Seo expert. He loves to write about Google webmaster tools and its usefulness for seo.