Fall Semester: 4 Ways To Get Noticed At School This Year

Fall Semester: 4 Ways To Get Noticed At School This Year

As many psychologists and counselors know, one of the deepest needs that humans have is to be recognized and respected by others. This reality can be particularly significant for teenagers, especially since adolescence is a period during which individuals are likely to rely on others to gain a sense of value and self-esteem. With these thoughts in mind, it is not uncommon for teenagers to want their peers to notice them. If this is your goal as you go back to school this year, consider implementing the following strategies:

Expand your Circle of Friends

If you really want other people to start paying attention to you, consider making new friends. Oftentimes, running in the same circles gives others the impression that you are cliquish. Moreover, your behavior becomes predictable and therefore uninteresting. If you step out of the box and start associating with new people, however, others around you will likely pick up on the fact that you have made changes to your lifestyle. Specifically, they will probably be curious about why you have opened yourself up to relationships with new people.

Change Up Your Clothing Style

Because we as humans are often drawn to the aesthetic realm of existence, changing your clothing style can be a very effective way to get you noticed by others as you return to school this year. If you’re accustomed to wearing jeans and t-shirts all the time, switching to a less casual style which includes garments like dress pants and blazers will certainly get you noticed. If you’re looking for a brand with plenty of clothing options, try Reem clothing. The line includes a variety of t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, blazers, and more.

Dye Your Hair

Dying your hair is a great way to get you noticed by your peers when you return to school because your face is one of the most visibly discernible aspects of your physical appearance. When you dye your hair, make sure you select a color that you feel makes you more attractive. This will be a great confidence booster for you and will also make others more likely to notice you.

Join A School Club

Participating in a school club is a great way to get you noticed because of the fact that participants tend to do interesting, significant things on campus. For example, joining a theatre club will likely entail your participation in a play where others will be able to observe and appreciate your acting skills. Or, if you join a baseball team, your peers will be able to come out and see you participate in a game.

Although the list above is certainly not exhaustive, it includes several strategies that you can use to get noticed as you go back to school this year. Good luck!