Get Ready For The Holidays With Christmas Scenting

Did you know that smell has a very powerful effect on your mood and work performance? The sense of smell is linked to emotions and memory, more so than any of the other senses. Choosing the right scent can change your dull, tedious day into a very lively and productive one. Therefore, it is no surprise that more people are beginning to scent their homes and offices to get in the mood for the holiday season that will be upon us sooner than we think.

Advantages of Scenting

Stress Relief

It has been known for years that scent can fully alter your mood. Therefore it makes sense that having certain scents at your disposal, to be used as a stress relief, is a great way to prepare for the hectic times that the holidays will bring. If your home, or even the office, is blooming with fruity and floral scents then your brain is more likely to be calm so you can think straight and put all those gift worries behind.

Encourages efficiency

Did you know that 75 – 80 % of candles bought in the USA are scented? Perhaps, because scented candles and diffusers can encourage and promote a positive outlook.
Don’t assume that scents can only be used in the home; they can also be used in offices to clean out the indoor air and encourage productivity within your team. Besides, aren’t you more likely to meet your looming deadlines if the environment you’re working in is fresh, clean and blooming with fresh citrus flavours (or whichever scents you like)?

Christmas scents

I’m sure it’s a tad too early to be Christmas shopping and planning parties. However, a subtle alternative to get you into the festival mood is by brightening up your home with your favourite seasonal scents, giving your nose a Christmas boost. Certain scents are bound to stir up those favourite childhood memories of you and your family sat around the tree opening the presents.

The Smells

Baking fruitcake is certain to liven up your home with that festive smell. If you only want strictly Christmas scents then try boiling cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and vanilla and peacefully sit back and inhale the merry odours that will soon be filling up every corner of your home.
When the winter starts to settle in, and you need more than a cosy jumper to keep you warm, most of us will be turning to the fireplace for comfort. So why not add dried lemon, cloves or orange peels to the fire to make your house smell like the holidays?
Rosemary has a perfect herbal, holiday smell to it which is bound to make anyone quickly snap into the festive mood. This can be added to wreaths or just placed simply in a bowl. You can even boil it to make the scent more lasting.

The Methods

Don’t just assume that scented candles are the only way to give your house or workplace the perfect holiday smell.

Oil Diffusers

Oil diffusers are a wonderful way to spread your favourite scents around. They are low maintenance, stress free and you can ensure that the sticks can all be evenly distributed around your home, so no room will be missing out on the very appealing merry smells. You could even hang them up in communal areas of the office to spread some holiday cheer.


These are the traditional way to make your home smelling like Christmas. Simply gather some pinecones and place it in a plastic bag, then spread your chosen oils or spices like lavender or vanilla onto the pinecones. Give it a good shake and place them around your office or home for a quick method that effectively locks up and diffuses scents.


Pomanders are another way to get the holiday spirit across to even the most hard-lined scrooge. Simply pierce whole fruits with cloves and place them around the home. You can choose from tangerines, clementines, mangoes, lemons, limes and many more.
How are you getting in the holiday spirit? Share your thoughts below.

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When Louise Blake is not busy putting away toys, she loves to experiment with Christmas scenting.