Improve Your Posture, Improve Your Life

Modern technology has greatly improved the way people live. As a result, work should be made more comfortable than before. Before, the majority of people in the workforce spent time working in an office. Today, it is commonplace to transform a part of our home into a functional workspace.  However, whether you work in an office or at home, you need to consider having a comfortable chair to aid you in earning your living. The importance of a good ergonomic office chair should not be taken lightly.
When working, many of us think only of the tasks that need to be done and the money that we will earn from it. But what about our health? A desk-bound lifestyle has a direct effect on a person’s physical, emotional and mental condition. Prolonged sitting may seem harmless but it can actually cause grave problems like back pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and heart ailments among other things.
The culprit of all these negative conditions can come from a single source: your uncomfortable office chair. Yes, sitting in an ordinary office chair can cause physical discomfort, which could be a sign of spinal problems. A high-quality ergonomic chair is essential in supporting your back and improving your posture. There is a wide variety of ergonomic chairs sold in the market and buying one could improve your life.
Here are tips and reminders to keep in mind before buying an ergonomic chair. You must consider the seat height, which can be adjusted to allow your arms to rest horizontally on the desk. The recommended height ranges from 16 to 21 inches off the floor. The seat width and depth should have a standard width of 17 to 20 inches. These measurements are ideal for supporting your back and the rest of your body.
The lumbar support feature of the chair should also be adjustable. This is an essential part of the chair as the back receives the most pressure when a person sits down for extended periods. Through the lumbar support feature, you will be discouraged from slouching or assuming bad posture.
There are two styles for the backrest of your office chair. The first one is separate from the seat and adjustable in height and angle. The other backrest style is not separate from the seat but is still adjustable. In addition, make sure the chair you choose has a reliable lock mechanism to support your body weight.
Take note of the seat material, too. Do not settle for an ergonomic chair made of low-quality material. The chair must be made of breathable fabric and should have enough padding to keep you comfortable, no matter how long you are seated.
Remember that you work to gain experience and earn savings for the future. Do not let an uncomfortable sitting position or office chair cause you health problems. Ineffective and substandard office chairs have caused great discomfort to many of today’s workers, and several scientific studies have been conducted to come up with a remedy. There are so many ergonomic chair options out there, so why settle for an old-fashioned chair while working? Get the most comfortable chair today – it is a worthy investment.