Functional & Fabulous Bath Décor

When we are dealing with the look and décor of a house, we not stop at the rooms or the balcony or the garden. We will also be dealing with the bathroom. It is one of the most trafficked and important sections of your home. Outfitting the bathroom should mean more than just hanging a few towel bars and rings. If you wish, you will be able to transform even the most mundane of the bathrooms into a spa-like oasis. All you need is just a little bit of effort and creativity. Little additions like a teak shower bench or stool (teak is naturally water resistant), a heated towel rack or a handheld showerhead can dramatically improve the look and functionality of any bathroom. It will give you a nice feeling to enter the bathroom.

A range of handheld showerheads can now be found in the market. Most handheld showerheads are designed to be installed without the assistance of a plumber. It will be a multi-purpose item if you istall it in your bathroom. You will be able to use them to shampoo hair or enjoy a relaxing water massage. With the help of a handheld shower, it will be easy for you to bathe children, wash pets, water plants or even clean the shower stall. In case, you are dealing with any kind of injury, a handheld showerhead lets you direct the spray of water precisely where you want it. You can even add a shower seat and enjoy a seated water massage or use it to shampoo your hair while seated for better balance and control ($129.99,

Between Luxury and Practical

There is a minor difference between being practical and opting for luxurious items when you are dealing with bathroom décor. A heated towel rack or a towel warmer may seem like a luxury but they are actually quite practical. Use a towel warmer to dry swimwear and fine washables, warm blankets or baby clothes or keep winter wear like scarves and mittens toasty and warm. Step out of the bath or shower and surround yourself in the warmth and comfort of a hot fluffy towel – you deserve it.

Functional & Fabulous Bath Décor

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Experts recommend replacing the shower curtain and liner on a regular basis. You should also make sure that you select top quality shower curtain hooks or rings. This will make the curtain and liner slide freely. Thus, in the long run, this will reduce wear and tear. Consider installing a curved shower curtain rod to add more elbow room.

The type of bathroom décor you go for will actually reflect your taste. So, while choosing the bathroom décor, shop around well. This will give you an idea about various bathroom décor items and you will be able to choose the right items for your bathroom.