Finding the Cheapest Greek Holiday

Finding a cheap holiday is not always easy, especially these days when everyone is on the look out for deals and so snapping up the best bargains quickly. However, there are some ways that you can try to see whether you can find a cheap Greek holiday.
Last minute deals
Last minute deals can still be a really good way to find a bargain. If you are not too fussy about your exact location then you may be able to get a deal if you wait until a few weeks or even days before to book. Many companies will lower their prices to fill up those last few places on a flight and in a hotel and so you may be able to get a good deal. However, with less people taking holidays at the moment, due to the recession, companies may be more reluctant to lower their prices very much.
Booking well in advance
It can sometimes work out well if you book a long way in advance. This can sometimes be a better way of getting a good price than waiting. If a place suddenly proves to be popular, the agent may put the price up because they can make more money that way.
It may be cheaper if you decide to go self-catering rather than all inclusive or half board. Having meals included can add on a lot to the cost of the holiday and so it can be worth investigating other options. Obviously you will have to buy food once you get there if you do go self-catering, but this could be a cheaper option. It could be worth doing some research.
Out of season
Travelling out of season can lower the cost a lot. If you can go when it is not school holiday time, this is even better. It may mean that not all the attractions are open or that the weather is not quite so good, but it could be well worth it, if you can save some money.
Out of the main tourist areas
If you stay in an area that is off the main tourist routes, you may find that it is cheaper. It can also give you a better idea of the real country rather than the parts that have been designed to be appealing to visitors rather than locals.
It is worth doing a lot of comparisons between different companies to find out which can make you the best offer. You may even be able to negotiate better prices if you try hard enough.
Organizing it Yourself
Booking a package is a popular way to book a holiday. However, it can be cheaper to book flights, car hire, hotel etc separately these days. Take a look at some prices online and see whether you can put together a package yourself at a cheaper price than an agent can organize it for you.
So there are a range of things that you can try which could potentially reduce the cost of your Greek holiday.

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