Effective marketing with Promotional Products

An effective marketing strategy is essential in any industry and can be a deciding factor in the future success of a business.
Careful research will allow you to formulate an offline and online strategy however you can’t underestimate the power of the more unconventional strategies such as using promotional products.
More effective than traditional offline marketing methods such as advertising in printed media, radio or TV, the promotional gift that carries your company’s name and logo is an economical way to promote your company’s brand.
It is also a promotional method that has staying power; your brand is being advertised for as long as the product is being used.
Getting it right
How do you ensure your promotional product will have maximum impact?
The first step is to know exactly how you are going to use these products, whether you are attending an exhibition or are planning a direct mail campaign.
Understanding your target audience is vitally important and enables you to choose your promotional item appropriate to your intended market.
You may be considering a campaign to target young women so choosing an item that would appeal directly to women would make sense.
However, choosing an item that will appeal to a larger demographic is always going to be the cost effective option as you could negotiate a better price by placing a larger order.
Apart from generating brand awareness, you may want to use the promotional products to as a thank you to a customer for placing a large order or for a prize in a competition so choosing an item that would be suitable to be used in many ways would also be important.
Choosing an innovative product that displays your logo effectively will make your product memorable and will help it stand out from the crowd at a large event such as a trade show.
Desk top products such as mouse mats or mugs are always a welcome gifts and one that the prospective customer will have access to on a daily basis, a constant reminder of your company and its service.
From products that offer a quick reference point to others that reach a larger audience acting as walking billboards such as t-shirts and baseball caps.
Wherever these items are worn, in the gym, for a walk or a trip to the shops or overseas, your logo is getting seen and your company is getting Valuable advertising for the fraction of the cost.
Vehicle branding for maximum impact
Effective ways of getting your brand recognised needn’t cost the earth. Car stickers can be an economical way of getting your company name seen.
If every member of your sales team had an eye catching sticker on their car, given the number of miles they travel on an annual basis, this could be the cheapest form of advertising you will use.
Try sending a sticker with an inspirational message or funny slogan with a direct mail campaign or add one to your t-shirt campaign.
Effective marketing and advertising of your company’s products and services need not put a dent in your budget and will add strength to your offline marketing strategy.
Bio – Written by Karen James, prolific writer passionate about business and marketing. Advocate of vehicle branding, my car excellently branded by
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