10 Helpful Ways To Boost Your Page Rank

Creating a blog is not enough to earn money out of it. You must get a good page ranking for your blog in various search engines; otherwise you will not get enough traffic for your blog. So, you must optimize your blog properly so that it is visible in search engines and get good page ranking. There are various types of search engine methods, which can help you to optimize your blog.

Here, the list of 10 effective ways has been provided, which can enhance the page ranking of your blog. 

  • Link building: Link building is a quite effective way of enhancing the page ranking of your blog. You must try to link the quality link of another blog to your blog, which help in increasing the visibility of your blog and you get good page ranking for your blog.
  • Directory submission: directory submission can also help you to enhance the page ranking. You must submit your content of the blog in the top ranking directories, which can help you to get good ranking for your blog. Be careful while submitting the blog to directories, because there is no benefit of submitting the blog in low ranking directories.
  • Article submission: article submission is another very effective way of enhancing the ranking of your blog in various search engines. Once you have created the content of your blog, try to submit in the article directory with high ranking. You will surely get good results for your blog.
  • Social bookmarking: social bookmarking is another effective way, which is highly used by the SEO experts to enhance the page ranking of the blog. Here the URL links of good quality blogs are bookmarked, which enhances the ranking of the blog.
  • Keywords: keywords play a very crucial role for good page ranking of your blog. Try to insert quality and relevant keywords in the article, which will help in making your blog visible in various search engines. Moreover, maintain a standard keyword density in the article. The standard density is 2-3 %; do not overuse the keyword in the article.
  • Fresh and unique content: Readers are always fascinated towards new and unique content. They do not like to read the same topic again and again. So, write unique content and avoid plagiarism. Plagiarized articles are not accepted by the search engines during optimization.
  • RSS Feed: RSS Feed helps to make your blog popular among the readers. It informs the readers about every new updates on your blog, and hence it brings high traffic for your blog.
  • Social networking sites: With the increase in the usage of social networking sites, promotion of the blog has become quite easy. There are millions of followers on social networking sites, so you can easily invite a huge traffic for your blog.
  • Blog commenting: Post relevant comment in your blog and invite other guests to post in your blog. It is quite effective in enhancing the page ranking of your blog.
  • Participating firms: participate in forums on a regular basis and learn more ideas to improve the content of the blog.

The 10 tips mentioned in the above are really a great tool to boost up the page rank of your blog. Follow them to get better results for your blog.

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