Choosing The Right Hire Car For Your Vacation

Every year, millions of us head off on our annual family holidays, in the hope of getting away from it all and to enjoy some quality time with our loved ones. For most of us, it represents a chance to strengthen the bond we have, especially with our children, and because of this we tend to make relatively meticulous plans in order to make the odyssey an unparalleled success.
Many of us research our chosen destinations in the travel press and on the Internet, so we can be confident that we have selected the ideal place. We make sure our hotels have all the amenities we’re likely to need, and that customer reviews don’t highlight any particular problems. We even check out the local attractions in advance so we can be safe in the knowledge that there will be plenty to see and do.
One of the aspects which we tend to leave to chance, however, is car hire, yet it’s a factor that can help to turn a good vacation into a great one. There are so many vehicles that are available to rent from a reputable company, so surely it makes sense to put in a little thought about which one of them would best suit your needs? As always, pre-planning can make all the difference.
Making the right choice
If you happen to have a large family, you’ll need to book a vehicle that’s able to not only accommodate all of you for every trip, but also any luggage and other items you may have. A journey to the beach may include inflatable toys, for example, and maybe a picnic as well. Such excursions can make any holiday extra special, so don’t spoil it by forcing everyone to be cramped in like sardines.
For a smaller family group, the size of the car will be less relevant, but one intriguing option for those who are visiting warmer climes is to rent an open-top vehicle. There is something particularly iconic about heading down the coastal highway with the wind in your hair and the sun on your back, and such a choice will help to make sure the children enjoy their vacation to the max, and that they’ll remember it for many years to come.
Sometimes an off-road car will be a better option, especially if the family are heading off into the mountains or along rugged landscapes. A camping trip is something that many families enjoy on a regular basis, but without the most appropriate vehicle options it can sometimes turn into a test of endurance rather than an enjoyable experience. A little pre-thought is all that’s needed to make the whole trip a special one.
This is a guest post by David Showell, who works for