Email Marketing: How to Set Up a New Campaign that Will Get Noticed

Email marketing
Email marketing

For the small business owner, reaching out to new customers proves to be somewhat difficult. It raises a variety of questions such as how should I reach them, where can I find them, what can I tell them, as well as many more. With a quality email marketing campaign, you can corner your target market, and make it as easy as possible for those people to make your business thrive.

Finding Your Potential Customers

Locating potential customers is perhaps the most important portion of an email marketing strategy. If you don’t know who you’re appealing to, how can you possibly market to them? There are a few steps, be it electronically or in person, that can help you find this target market. In store, have free giveaways or special discounts on a monthly basis. To enter, customers then have to provide you with their email information. These people can subsequently be entered into a your email database. Also, include ways for customers to enter their information online. Continue to build this database to get as many email addresses as possible.

Choosing Email Marketing Software

To keep an efficient logistics flow from information gathering to email to sale, email marketing software is a key element of email marketing. To figure out what would suit you best, decide what your objective is. Typical objectives would include building an email database, educating your prospective clients, advertising upcoming sales, etc. Rank these in order of importance in order to build a list of needs. Remember, email marketing is an effective tool – when planned out correctly.

Writing an Effective Email

Writing an email is not as simple as it may sound. However, you should know from your own personal experience, what email advertisements you read and which ones you don’t. The most important goal is to gather the interest of the individual. Avoid clichés and buzzwords. Instead, write simply. Tell the customer what you have to offer in a succinct and straightforward manner. Include links to further your ads on social media websites so others do some marketing for you. Make any deals you are offering easy to find. And always remember, the easier, the better.

Avoiding the Spam Folder

Don’t be overly zealous on how often you send emails; two to three a month is plenty. No one likes to be inundated with marketing emails; it is a surefire way to end up blocked from an email address. Switch up your subject lines and utilize pictures that pertain to your business. If at all possible, use pictures from your actual business or customer testimonials to solidify the validity of your advertisements. Your down-to-earth approach will seem fresh and friendly to potential customers.

Tracking Your Results

This is crucial in email marketing. You need to be 100% sure that your email marketing campaign is working, and, if it isn’t as effective as you’d like, figuring out how to improve it. It’s not all about click-through. A fantastic way to see what’s working is to send out an email with the same body, but different subject lines. Then, you can see which taglines are most useful. Additionally, send out a few emails and offer discounts for people that complete surveys. Feedback equals results and results equal sales. A few discounts for increased sales is an equation any business owner can appreciate.
Email marketing can be an immensely awesome tool for gathering the perfect client base. Once you’ve located your target market and found the best way to interest them, they’ll keep coming back. And don’t forget, in the business world, loyalty and repeat business equate to profits.