5 Most Prestigious Health Professions

5 Most Prestigious Health Professions

Health professions are some of the most highly regarded jobs in the U.S. You need to be very dedicated and smart to even make it into medical school and a residency program.

Medicine will become your life, but the most important aspect of your health care profession is that you will be helping people. Sure, the big paychecks help, but you became a doctor to “save the world.” As a result, the following medical professions are some of the most prestigious in the industry.


Everyone in medical school wants to be a dermatologist. Why, you ask?

The number one reason is that they work the least hours, and they get paid the most. As a result, only the smartest and brightest students earn spots in residency programs for dermatology. Skin issues are for those who love infectious diseases and unidentified rashes. You might have to see some traumatized teens with acne issues, but dermatology is easily one of the most prestigious health professions.

Brain Surgeon

If you had to pick between this and rocket scientist, then brain surgeon would win every time. Not many people have the chance to cut into somebody’s brain skillfully.

Of course, you are doing this to help someone with a serious injury or illness. It takes plenty of dexterity, ambition, concentration, and some serious skills to become a brain surgeon. This is one area of medicine where you always need to be ready for anything. The brain is miraculous thing, and a brain surgeon’s job it to protect it at all costs.

As a result, people who become brain surgeons are often incredibly smart and well paid for their services. It is easy to see why this is one prestigious and respected professions.


The unsung heroes of the hospitals are nurses. This is one medical profession where you do not have to spend a lifetime in school. However, you might not get the respect that you deserve.

Many people tend to think nurses are the maids of hospitals because they have to clean bed pans and take care of patients. That could not be further from the truth. Hospitals would fail if it were not for the help of hundreds of nurses on call each day. Nurses deserve more recognition for their work. Nurses aren’t just people dressed up in cheap scrubs.

Many nurses are there to help with the daily health and emotional needs of a patient. It takes a special kind of person to do this job, and it is one of the most prestigious jobs in medicine.


Psychiatry is a unique profession because this doctor focuses only on mental health.

Psychiatrists are not psychologists because this profession requires an actual medical degree. It also requires a deep understanding of social behaviors and disorders. Patients need to relate to a psychiatrist so they feel comfortable in their presence.

Many psychiatrists have provided the world with important studies of human behavior from sexual dysfunctions to child prodigies. The amount of research that goes into each study is quite calculated, and accurate. As a result, psychiatry is prestigious profession for those interested in helping those with mental health issues.


A doctor who has dedicated their life’s work to researching infectious diseases, bacteria, viruses, and other human ailments is often overlooked. They are not directly saving lives, but their work is some of the most profound in the medical field.

These doctors are figuring out ways to cure diseases like cancer, AIDS, and even the common cold. If it were not for these talented researchers, then the world’s medicine would still be stuck in the Middle Ages. This medical profession is prestigious because these doctors are fighting for those who cannot. They are the ones who will change the world the most thanks to their lasting impact on human health.

As you can see, these are just a small sampling of the most prestigious jobs in the medical profession. However, this is one field where there are no menial jobs as each person is doing their part in taking care of another human being. If you want to save even one person’s life, then you have chosen the correct career.