Best Apps for Your E-Reader

If you’re just using your e-reader for reading books, you’re missing out on lots of other potential applications. Apps designed to run on the ereader cover everything from the weather — handy if you’re planning to read in a park and rain is forecast — to information organizing. Download these apps now to get the most use from your e-reader at home and on the go.

Organizing Apps

A to-do app helps you stay on track with errands. Try the free Astrid Task/Todo app with Android-based ereaders; it can sync across devices so you see the same list wherever you go. Proucteev is another to-do list application that allows syncing across multiple devices.
Regular Dropbox users will want to add the version of this app to their e-reader for convenient access to images, PDF files and other documents. You’ll enjoy the same file-syncing tools that you use across other devices. Dropbox is free for a certain amount of file storage, but you will need to pay for more space.
Evernote allows you to take notes and sync them online and in desktop versions of the app. Drag and drop images, text, audio files and other pieces of information to Evernote for handy review later on. Evernote allows you to search and sync. Choose between the free version or a $45-per year premium account.

News and Weather Apps

Pocket, formerly called Read it Later, allows you to add webpages to a reading list that you can access later, even when you are not online. Start an article and save your reading position using a bookmark. With easy device syncing, you can even pick back up where you left off using a different computer.
To discover cool new things across the web, download StumbleUpon, the app version of the popular website. Create a personalized profile of content that interests you and receive notifications of unique web content that meets your criteria.
If you’re loyal to a particular weather app for your smartphone, such as AccuWeather or WeatherPro, you can find a version of the app for your ereader. Also find combination alarm clock and weather apps, ideal for adding onto your device if you plan to travel with it.

Networking and Entertainment Apps

All of the social networking apps you use on your desktop and tablet will run on your e-reader as well. Some e-readers even come preloaded with top apps like Facebook. If you regularly use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn, add them to your ereader just in case. This way, you can stay connected with a simple click. To get a quick shot of all of your social apps at one time, plus read blogs and editorial content in a sleek magazine format, download Flipboard.
For entertainment, you’ll find the same apps for Hulu and Netflix that you probably have on your phone. If you subscribe to either Hulu or Netflix, download the ereader app and have it just in case you want to watch.
Treat your ereader like a tablet or smartphone, even if you plan to use it only for reading. You just may be surprised when you start using the device for its powerful connectivity, fast load time and portability. So, what apps are on your must-have list for the ereader, tablet or smartphone?
Joseph is a technology buff with a knack for writing. In his spare time, he enjoys blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands he loves.