Tips For Growing Your Savings Account

Do you have a rainy day fund? Whether you wish to save a few dollars for an emergency or want to pad your nest egg with significant saving take a disciplined approach to boosting your savings.

Set up an automated system to transfer money between your checking and savings account each month. Pay yourself before doing anything else. Think long term when it comes to building a savings plan and speak to representatives at a local bank to discuss options.

Set up Auto Deposits

The most disciplined, financially responsible person is due to forget to deposit savings from their paychecks. Set up an automatic deposit to address your forgetfulness or lack of discipline. Banks usually offer you an option of depositing a set amount of money into your savings account from your checking account each month.

Select a dollar amount that works for your budget. Don’t turn off the auto deposit feature unless you’ve run into severe financial problems. Be disciplined. Grow your savings account by taking a big picture approach to building a bright financial future.

Safeguard against any desire to eat into your savings due to some temporary impulse. If you find yourself cancelling your savings deposit for 1 or 2 months you’re making a grave financial mistake. Your savings will only increase and your nest egg will grow if you commit fully to saving money. Net up auto savings deposits on a monthly basis.

Live by the 10% Rule

Pay yourself 10% before you devote your salary and investment earnings to any other expense. Many people fail to save money because they feel deprived after devoting virtually all of their paycheck to necessary expenses. The few dollars they have left are generally spent on low energy, temporary highs.

A fiscally-smart individual pays themselves before paying bills or padding their savings account. You’re far more likely to spend wisely and boost your savings if you reward yourself for a job well done.

What’s the point of saving money if you’re not able to spend any of your salary or investment income after you’ve been paid? Form the habit of enjoying your wealth to sock away money and make sure that all of your bills are paid.

Build a Vision for Your Future

Most people who have little or no savings or investments live for today only. If you plan on dying today that’s all well and good but if you live for 10, 20 or 40 more years you’re destined to be broke and scrambling for work during what’s supposed to be your golden years.

Build a vision for your future. Become financially stable now by seeing yourself living comfortably after you’ve retired.

Work with a financial planner to map out a sound savings plan. Decide the amount of risk you wish to embrace as you grow your savings. By being responsible now you can create a freeing, enjoyable future.

Being responsible now means boosting your savings through a disciplined action plan. Set aside money each month or from each paycheck.  Consult your financial planner to hammer out the details.

You’ll thank yourself 10, 20 or 40 years down the road.