Areas of law practice for criminal lawyers Ottawa

Most of the criminal lawyers Ottawa are well practiced in multiple fields. This increases the diversity if cases that they deal in, improves their reputation and increases their experience so that they have more clients willing to contact them for their criminal lawyer law services. Some of the areas of practice of these lawyers have been described below:

Appellate courts

Everyone understands the fact that the odds are never in favour of the convicted person. It is highly unlikely that the sentencing orders of the accused person be overturned, but the best criminal lawyers are well practiced in the art of reaping a positive outcome for the convicts who have made the appeal.

Domestic Violence

Not only do people dislike the individuals accused of domestic violence, the justice system also provides no room of leniency to those who are convicted. The best criminal lawyers Ottawa know how to collect evidence and build a solid defense case for their defender client. They also refer their clients some civil counsel since they understand the emotional turmoil that their client is going through.

Drinking and Driving

Impaired driving, rash driving and over age driving are perhaps the most common reasons for conviction of individuals. The criminal lawyers help those that are convicted, facing charges for these crimes, to save their license and insurance.

The breath analysis for those that were charged for drinking while driving is not the only focus of the lawyers; they review the case from every aspect and come up with a solid reason to defend the convicted person’s case.

Sexual Assault

A person’s good reputation and name can easily be put at stake when they are accused of performing a sexual assault. Sexual assault is defined as the uninvited or unacceptable touching of the victim by the accused person. This may have happened intentionally or unintentionally but the system of justice is strict for people convicted for sexual assault. To save the person from the immeasurable damage to their reputation and the charges for sexual assault, the best Ottawa criminal lawyers gather all evidence and are able o defend the person successfully during law suit.

Guns and Arms offences

They are many guns and arms owners who have the license to own and carry guns, yet they are charged for illegal use of weaponry. These criminal charges are often very serious, the convicted individual is often required to spend time in prison and face the consequences of legal offences. The good lawyers know how to tackle the situation and save their client from the punishments that fall under the criminal code for people illegally using arms and weaponry.