All About Baseball Signs &Amp; Signals

Signs have been a characteristic feature of a baseball game. Catchers and pitchers have always used baseball signs & signals to communicate. A network of signs and signals is created between coaches, catchers, and pitchers. Thus, catchers have been described as the game strategists responsible for incorporating into the game the tactical pitching signs from their coaches.

What Are Baseball Signs & Signals

Catchers use various movements of their fingers and hands to suggest tactical pitches. The team generally defines and practices signs just before the game. Thus, the pitcher will easily understand the message. Yet, catchers, pitchers, and fielders know very well that visibility may be a problem that can prevent them from getting the right message.

Relaying Signs with Discretion

The whole point of relaying baseball signs & signals is to convey the strategy that can help the team win the game. If the signs could be easily decoded by the rival team there would be no point to signing and signaling.

Therefore, catchers use sequences and codes to convey their strategic messages. The sequence of the signs becomes their best ally that prevents sign stealing by the opposite team.

Crossed Up

The worst thing that can happen in a game is sign stealing but getting crossed up. When signs are stolen, the strategy can be changed almost immediately as the coaches, catchers and pitchers are prepared for such a situation. On the other hand, getting crossed up can lead to a disaster.

Getting crossed up is a situation where there is confusion between what the catcher calls for and what the pitcher throws. If the catcher calls for a curveball and the pitcher throws a fastball, the game is catastrophically affected.

The main reason why this confusion occurs is lack of visibility: the pitcher can not see properly what the catchers are signaling. That is a problem that occurs because of the long distances, the fact that catchers try to hide what they are signaling from the opposite team, or because of the weather.

Strategic Baseball Signs and Signals

The need for signal enhancement solutions has always been obvious. If not so long ago, catchers used all sorts of improvised ways such as athletic tape, chalk or painted nails to resolve the situation. Today, catchers use signal enhancement signals to enhance signs to their pitcher.

Game signs are in fact stickers made in bright and visible colors that can be applied on catcher’s fingernails. Thus, catchers can easily relay baseball games throughout the entire came. Their fluorescent colors are easily visible to pitchers.

The stickers are durable and can be used until the end of the game. Available colors include white, yellow, and orange. More importantly, baseball signal enhancement stickers are easy to apply and also easy to remove.

To ensure the success of the game, baseball signs & signals need to convey a clear and visible message to pitchers and thus incorporate the strategy of the coach into the game. Today, the best solution resides in signal enhancement stickers that are bright enough to be seen and last throughout the entire game.

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