7 Of The Best Energy Savers For Your Business

7 Of The Best Energy Savers For Your Business

“Savings” — that is the word of the century, conjuring images of prosperity from business to business. Sure, it’s about the revenue, and we love the channels streaming in with the dollars, but oftentimes the expenses can cut it down. The real passion in a business is the savings.

Thankfully, there are seven of these energy savers, simple as a switch on the wall, that can increase your bottom line without worrying about the next account to grab, starting with….

Powering Down Completely

It amazes me, honestly, how people can leave their computers on, especially in the corporate world. The fact is this: most of those PCs aren’t automatically set to go to “sleep.” They’ve got screen savers, yes, but did you know the machines still utilize power that way?

If you set your computers up for the “sleep mode” after 30 minutes of inactivity, plus actually turning them off at night along with your copiers and printers, you could save up to $150 each year per computer, according to the EPA’s statistics and evaluation.

That can add up tremendously. It doesn’t take much to turn that computer off. Don’t worry — your work will still be there in the morning.

Lose the Standard Power Strip or Surge Protector

They’ve been the energy regulation for decades. Now’s the time for a change. The fact is this: even when your computer is off, that surge protector or power strip is still pulling power from your energy supply, hence you’re still accruing charges on your energy bill. This is what you do:

You get one of those “smart strip power cords” that can sense when a device is turned off. What happens is the phantom power goes offline, and before you know it, six weeks of use of those types of “cords” will pay for themselves and then some (because they are a bit of a pretty penny, but incredibly worth it).

Natural Landscaping, Eco-Friendly and Fun

I’m not trying to sell you business efficiency and employee morale here, but, yes, this concept has been known to expand productivity and creativity. Moreover, though, this ultimately decreases a lot of your expenses, because you’re not entirely dependent on maintenance.

Everything is maintained naturally and automatically. There’s a little investment involved, but overall and in time it’ll pay for itself back in droves, particularly over the fact that you’ve optimized your operations with all the lunch meetings, brainstorming sessions and quiet time you can provide for your associates.

Controlling the Climate

Who knew that trees would cut cost? Believe it or not, they do! The more trees you have onsite, the less expense on the heating and coolant systems. This is why: trees are natural wind breaks; they block the colder wind chills you’ll experience by 50%, although you probably should still wear that down jacket.

On the warmer days, though, they provide cover from the sunlight, decreasing your cooling expenses by as much as six degrees. Overall, making sure you have at least three trees strategically placed around your structrure can cut those costs by an easy 30%, plus nourishing your entire environment from carbon dioxide control to erosion and filter contaminant regulation of the water supply.

And Speaking of the Heating and Cooling….

We’re seeing a trend here about always turning things off for the night. Why bother keeping it running if no one’s there to experience it? What you do for your electrical devices, such as computers, you should do for your heating and cooling systems.

Simply install a programmable thermostat (that is, if you can’t remember to turn the thermostat up or down on your own) and set it to regulate the temperature after a certain period of time. If that coolant or heating system is running, you’re expending energy; if it’s not, you’re saving it.

You’d be surprised, too, to find that those single air-conditioning units can waste a ton of energy given the fact that the average air duct system will leak up to 20% of the time. Be more efficient: contact a service technician and have that system constantly analyzed for leaks, checking for faulty filters, compressor fans, coils and drains.

The Standard Adage: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Last but not least, everyone knows this: our common paradigm of preserving the environment, the classic three R’s. It’s always a good idea to have a can designed for everything from paper products to pop cans. Standardize this system. Make sure your entire team is doing it.

Even better is the fact that it makes the business that much more appealing, what with sustainability being such a hot topic these days. You get positivity from the public, not only reducing the costs of your operations but also increasing sales and marketing, simply on the fact that you’re making the Earth a major priority.

Talking to Your Attorney May Also Give You Ways to Optimize Your Business

You’ve retained that business lawyer for a good reason: you want to make your business better and better. That counsel is your counselor to a better corporate tomorrow. Take note:

Your better corporate tomorrow will lead you to a more profitable future. Guaranteed. Simply follow these energy savers, systematize them. Make it so you don’t even have to think about them. You’ll be surprised at just how much you’re saving.

Matt Faustman is the CEO at UpCounsel. You can follow his business insights on Twitter at @upcounsel.