Great Guide To Buying A Chest Of Drawers

A chest of drawers is a popular piece of furniture designed to give you storage. It consists of a set of drawers (the number of drawers varies depending on what you buy) stacked on top of each other.
Today, there are many different types of drawers available, from small wide chest of drawers, to tall shallow drawers and even drawers made out of a variety of materials, not just the traditional wood.
Below is a short informative guide offering some tips to consider when you’re deciding what type of drawers you want, and what drawers would best fit your specific needs.
Before you start looking for a chest of drawers, it’s important to know what style drawers you are looking for tesco have a wide range to choose from. You don’t want drawers that will clash with the pre-existing design and décor of the room in which the drawers are intended to go in.
Chest of drawers come in all different styles, from historical Victorian to brightly coloured and modern, or even drawers catered specifically for children with fun designs and patterns. Whatever the style you’re looking for, it will be available, you just have to know what that style is.
It’s also important to know how big you need the drawers to be. If you know what you want to store in the drawers that will give you an idea of how much space you need and therefore, what size drawers you need to buy.
It would be very annoying to get home only to find the drawers aren’t big enough, or they’re too big!
Type – Traditional
The traditional chest of drawers are made out of wood and are used for storing clothing items such as underwear, pajamas and other types of clothing; however, you can use them to store whatever you like!
They usually have short legs in each corner to protect the flooring, and are rectangular in shape. They consist of drawers that are long and quite deep, so there is quite a lot of space.
This traditional style is now also made out of lighter coloured wood, and even metal and plastic, so whether you’re looking for a modern version or simply a traditional chest of drawers, these are a great option.
Type – Tall Tower
The tall tower of drawers usually consists of a larger amount of drawers that are shorter in width and go higher. These are most commonly made from see through plastic; this allows you to see into each drawer and get exactly what you need without trawling through them all if you just can’t quite remember where you put something.
These types of drawers are particularly useful in the kitchen or to store children’s toys and craft things as they are usually moveable, and sometimes even on wheels.
Type – Wicker Drawers
One of the most modern types of drawers are the wicker drawers. These are usually 2 or 3 wicker baskets, lined with a patterned material, placed in a wooden frame.
These drawers are very casual and fit perfectly into a relaxed room. Depending on the colour and pattern of the material they can fit into a variety of styles of room including modern and more traditional.
 Type – Desk Drawers
Finally, you can also purchase desk drawers. These include 2 or 3 smaller drawers that fit comfortably under your desk and act as storage for your stationary or paperwork.
These are particularly good if your desk does not come with drawers already fitted, which some do, as it increases storage and allows you to keep a clear and tidy desk.
There are so many options when it comes to picking what drawers you want, but with so much choice it’s guaranteed there will be something perfectly suited to your specific needs.

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