5 Requirements Your Annual A/C Check Up Should Include

As we reach the peak of summers hottest rays, there’s no better feeling than that first blast of cool from your air conditioning vents as you open the door to your home. Many of us can’t even imagine how it would feel without our air conditioning and would hate to think a quick annual checkup by an expert could have prevented this loss.

A/C maintenance should be conducted once a year, but do you really know what needs to be looked at on your unit? This list provides you with the top five requirements that your checkup should include so that you’re not left out in the heat this summer.

Coolant Level

Coolant, or as some may know it, Freon, if not at the right level can end up costing you more to operate! This is the number one must have to check every year for your unit, since the chemicals it emits can also affect the ozone. Checking the standards issued by the CFC laws can help you know what to look for, especially if you have a leaking system. (Don’t forget to mention the coolant tubing as well)

Coil Check

Condenser coils can build up dust and other residue that will hinder the way your unit can operate to cool your home. Your technician should clean and dust all condensers (exterior component) and evaporator (indoor component) coils to keep them running smoothly. You can also visibly check this on your exterior unit to ask for dirt or debris to be cleaned out as soon as possible.


Motors within the unit can become resistant and need to be lubricated or oiled to maintain maximum output and minimum electricity to operate. This is primarily applied to older models as newer units tend to have sealed components that are not accessible.  Fan motors and blower components are a huge part of your system and need to be inspected on a regular basis for airflow.

Manufacturer Standards

Your technician should check against the manufacturer standards on electrical connections, temperature, and pressure. These specifics can be closely related to tightening poorly maintained connections or readjusting gauges. Fan belts should additionally be looked at and replaced if necessary.

Drain inspection

Heat pumps or furnaces that are used for cooling have drains that can get plugged; to avoid water damage and humidity make sure they are unclogged and fully operational. It is possible that this is not standard with a general yearly checkup, but still just as important. Ducts can also acquire leaks so it’s a good idea to get them inspected as well.

So don’t lose out on 5% efficiency a year by not getting annual maintenance to your unit! Schedule an appointment today, summer can be a busy time for maintenance companies! The cost of a checkup will save you much more than an unexpected replacement, and in making sure these requirements are met you are sure to keep your summers cool and comfortable.


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Rebecca Borchers is a UCF transfer from FIU. She is orginally from Southampton, UK and is a hospitality major whos looking into event management. Rebecca is a professional writer for FacemyerAC.com in Orlando, Floria. She is a world traveler who has a passion for volunteering and loves her dachshund.