5 Day Travel Guide To Miami

Whether it’s about exploring the beauty of charismatic beaches or enjoying the view of those unique landscapes, Miami is known to be one of the best places to live the most throughout your vacations. When you have planned a trip to Miami with family, an ideal way to enjoy every bit of it is to schedule your vacations in terms of a five-day travel plan. Are you wondering where should you start from? Here is a 5-day travel guide that will help you out throughout the Miami adventure:

Day 1: Everglades Safari Park

Your trip to the adventurous Miami won’t be complete if you leave out discovering the most wildernesses of the Everglades. Since 1968, this happening park is considered one of the best places to hang out in Miami, especially if you are going on a trip with kids. Take the safari boat, get the help of the professional tour guide, and there you are! As you wander through this jungle, you will be assisted with the guide who will narrate the trip to you. Here, you will explore panoramic views while visiting the Everglades National Park. Enter its tranquility and vegetation to encounter turtles, alligators, deer, fauna, and native fauna.

Day 2: Miami Sky Diving Center

Seen sky diving on your favorite adventure shows but never tried it in real? Well, you are not too late for that either! If your trip plan includes visiting South Florida, then you have got a golden opportunity to experience the 13,500 feet high view! Situated at the Kendall Tamiami Airport, the Miami Sky Diving Center caters to many tourists who want a full sixty-second freefall. This breathtaking sky dive has the speed of 120 mph. First timer? Don’t worry! You will be taken care of with the tandem dives so that you always have an option to take out a day for sky diving.

Day 3: Miami Seaquarium

Do you often dream of exploring your hidden scuba diving skills, but never got a chance to give it a try? Even if you are not certified or experienced for scuba diving or snorkeling, good news is that you still can begin it in Miami! Miami Seaquarium provides a wetsuit and high-quality dive helmet to the explorers of Sea Trek Reef Encounter. So, even if you are afraid of the tropical reef, you will still be safe because of your snorkeling attire. Once you are under the water (300,000 gallon reef), enjoy meeting tropical fish and different under-the-sea creatures!

Day 4: Helicopters over Miami

Sitting in a plane, you must have seen buildings getting smaller as it takes off. However, exploring everything from just above the land seems as amazing as your Miami trip. Now,  you can experience those wonderful vistas of Miami by getting a helicopter ride! As you start off with this, your pilot will show you sights you would never have imagined: the true nature of Miami! Some of the attractions seen from the top of Miami include sparkling pools, winding canals, and different mansions in Miami.

Day 5: Coconut Grove

If you are in a mood to enjoy the ever-lasting charm of greenery while having lunch with your family, then Coconut Grove is the right place for you. Located in Biscayne Bay, the Grove has ample jacaranda trees along with a yacht club. Interestingly, the area provides access to various malls and restaurants too which means that there is always an option to purchase accommodation nearby such as sunny Isles condos for sale. Don’t forget to capture breathtaking moments with your loved ones!