4 Of The Best Data Centers On The Planet

Data centers are the backbone of the internet and are used by many large corporations, in fact many companies have started building and utilising their own. They have started using their own so they can look after and protect their own data. As many of the big data centers have started renting space to the general public. Let’s take a walk through and look at some of the world’s most advanced data centers on the planet.

Switch SuperNAP

SuperNap has a very impressive space spanning 407,000 sqft. It has some of the most advanced hardware and software on the face of the planet. It has a guarantee of 100% up time and comes with ex military security guards. This place is serious business it has the best software security known to man. It also has three separate backup power supplies for its servers, meaning if one goes down the other generator will kick in and so forth. What’s more is its high energy efficiency with an incredible cooling system.

Microsoft Chicago Center


4 Of The Best Data Centers On The Planet

The outside of the center does not look like much at all, in fact it looks rough. With a rough collection of massive juggernaut trailers it actually looks like a garage. It is situated in Chicago’s rough industrial district. This is one of the largest data centers Microsoft have, occupying space of over 700,000 feet. This data center is the most powerful computing agency in the world. It runs hotmail, online storage, server support for businesses and more. The inside houses portable stairs and conveyor belts that wheel employees around for maintenance.

Google’s Data Centers


4 Of The Best Data Centers On The Planet

Don’t be surprised to see that Google is in this list, let’s face it, they practically own 3 quarters of the internet. Google is also a green company and a data center in Hamina is cooled entirely by sea water and has unique server designs under its belt, optimised to give the best eco friendly performance possible.There data centers might not sound too glorious, but I’m sure Google now their stuff!

Facebook’s New Swedish Center


Facebook has also followed in Google’s footsteps with their new Swedish data center. With climate cooling which routes hot air to heat office space from the servers themselves. Facebook is definitely on the right track to becoming a green company.
Author’s Biography: I am Sophie, I have great interest in technology, especially with computers and networking. Those are some hugely impressive data centres, I rent data centre space of a company called sharefile, these guys look after my data and protect it from prying eyes, if you are interested you can visit ShareFile.com by Citrix.