Your Plumber Is Your Best Friend

Does the thought of a leaky or clogged pipe make you cringe?  Does a leaky faucet in the morning make you get off on the wrong foot at 6am on a Tuesday?  Does a shower firing at half capacity affect your family life?  You should answer yes to all of these questions.
You can keep on dragging your feet and putting off these daily life inhibitors or you can get to the root of the problem and take care of it with your favorite plumber.
A plumber in your adult life is like that childhood buddy who helped you build that tree fort in your backyard or build the world’s greatest bike jump.  He was always there to help you build something and he was always the nicest kid on the block.  Now he is all grown up and more than happy to help you out with your pipes that even seven bottles of Drain-O can’t fix.

What Joe The Plumber Can Do For You

Here is how your plumber can make your home a place where even your mother-in-law will approve of the shower heads water pressure.

  • Leave your pipes as squeaky clean as your grandfathers freshly shaved head.
  • Make sure your toilet is almost uncloggable. If your girlfriend clogs your toilet after a visit from your plumber, you should have dumped her a long time ago.
  • Your shower head will feel like a suspended hot tub.  It will get you out of your bed on those days where the work day ahead seems as if you will be hammering a steel chisel through your eyeballs.
  • The leaking sewer cover that is flooding your backyard is not the best way to utilize your land.
  • Why wouldn’t you want to catch up with your childhood friend?  You guys have a lot to talk about and why not do it while you are having your pipes cleaned so your wife stops nagging you for it.

These are highlights of how your plumber can improve your life dramatically.  Look at all of the people your plumbing affects.  Make the right choice and call  You will probably make a mistake that your wife will never let you live down, ever.

When To Hire A Plumber

Many times we believe we can solve our plumbing problems by ourselves because the bottom line is that we are dealing with harmless water, right?  That mentality is usually what turns a weekend project into hundreds of dollars of repairs beyond what you already needed.
The best mentality to have when your hot water stops or one of your pipes freezes is to have a trusted plumber come out and save your weekend.  Who wants to miss all of the college football games on Saturday and all of the NFL games on Sunday?  You have previous engagements with your television already.
By Brian Connor


Brian Connor enjoys writing professionally and especially in this industry.  He has written for several different blogs relating to home repair and improvement including plumbers in St. Louis.